First Attempt at Chapter 8 – God’s Definition of Love – Truth (part 1)

September 15, 2021 Update: This post contains a The Chapter 8 draft that has been re-written. If you want to go right to the updated draft of Chapter 8, see the more recent post.

[September 15, 2021 Update: This post contains a The Chapter 8 draft that has been re-written. If you want to go right to the updated draft of Chapter 8, here is the link: Chapter 8 — God’s Definition of Love—The Necessity and Telling the Truth.]

Each of these chapters is turning out to be an adventure of its own, perhaps reflecting the theme of the chapter within in my own healing, and this one has been even more challenging that the last. As some of you know, I have struggled with truth, particularly the importance of seeing and accepting the truth about myself. I think that is part of the issue—my willingness (desire) to see ever-deeper into the truth of my soul. Another being a continuation of what I mentioned last in my last post: interference. I am continuing to work on (among others) emotions of feeling that my environment wants to shut me down and even destroy the real me, emotions that are so painful and seem endless at times. I do get little joyful bolsterings of encouragement and truth along the way as I dive into them, but, for the most part, writing has been difficult.

I keep finding more and more I want to say about truth, both from what Jesus and Mary have taught as well as from insights I am experiencing in my own inner work (moments when the truth they teach touches my soul more emotionally). Truth is such a massive subject and so important that I want to do my best to honor it in my writing the way it deserves to be honored. I have decided to send out this chapter in sections. I can’t say, yet, how many that will be—there is so much more coming. I want to be as efficient as possible without compromising on completeness or clarity, a real challenge in itself but which is even harder to achieve amid the din of my current environment that continues to feel hostile to this project.

I considered posting an annual report to cover the last two years of what I have been up to, but I just don’t have much enthusiasm for that, whereas, my excitement for God and sharing God’s Truth feels almost consuming at times. I will say briefly, though, in case any of you want to know: in addition to spending time feeling, praying and writing, I am still loving playing the fiddle (playing in a trio currently), reading fascinating books in my leisure time (which have also helped me access certain painful emotions), slowly grouting the flagstone floors in my house, helping with a community environmental project, prepping and eating delicious vegan food, and looking forward to planting my veggie garden very soon (onions already popping up). As for health, as far as I know, I am doing well. I have had heart arrhythmia issues for many years but feel confident that it will correct itself as I work through my painful emotions. The arrhythmia does not affect my physical fitness, since I take brisk hill walks regularly and with ease (and even jog a little sometimes). Mostly I notice it when I go to bed at night which gives me a clue about its cause: fear of going to sleep at night due to experiences I had when I was young (experiences behind on-going nightmares and bedwetting), and feel it is related to the experiences of “interference” and hostile environments I mentioned above. I think it is a good barometer for me. I went through a period where the arrhythmia intensified briefly as I dove into a particularly painful layer of emotions, and it has since lessened.

I hope all of you are well and finding joy and love in these very uncertain times.

Without further ado, let’s continue discovering how loving and awesome God really is:

The Truth

– A beginner’s perspective on what could be the
most important information a person will ever learn

If you are new to these chapters of The Truth, I feel it is important that you start at the beginning and read all the preceding chapters first:

The Truth – Introduction

Chapter 1 – The Basics

Chapter 2 – The Messengers

Chapter 3 – The Reality of Divine Truth

Chapter 4 – Introducing: The Human Soul

Chapter 5 – Our Multidimensional Universe – The Earth Experience

Chapter 6 – Our Multidimensional Universe – Beyond Earth

Chapter 7 – God’s Definition of Love – The Emotion

and now…

Chapter eight

God’s Definition of Love – Truth

In Chapter 3, we looked at Absolute Truth, God’s Truth, as the love-based structure for our entire universe. We looked at how, when we humans honor that structure of truth, that system of laws that govern and guide us towards love and truth, we are rewarded with a joyful, powerfully creative existence that can expand infinitely when we include a relationship with God. In this chapter, we will look at what truth does for us in our personal lives, why it is such a critical aspect of God’s definition of love, how it is offered to us, and how we can harness the loving power of truth in our personal lives to ensure our development in love.

It is fundamental for our education in love to understand that God views truth, not as a subset of love, but as an integral, necessary component of love. Without truth, love cannot exist. Jesus and Mary speak of the bond of love and truth as a marriage wherein the two are inseparable. Everything God has created is made with perfect love and truth, a dynamic duo that flawlessly ensures perfect love-based governing of our universe and every human soul. But, in order to reverse the pain and suffering of humanity and start to receive the abundant gifts that the union of love and truth offer us, we must start valuing and honoring truth as we never have before, as the essential partner of love that it is. 

Whenever I refer to “truth” in this document, whether I specify or not, I am always referring to truth from God’s perspective, truth that I will at times call Absolute Truth, God’s Truth, or Divine Truth; I will not use the word “truth” in reference to the widely varied and often very mistaken individual and group belief systems, regardless of the claims made or believed. I explained in Chapter 3 that Absolute Truth is exact and real, and only Absolute Truth, Divine Truth, is imbued with the qualities and power given to them by the laws of love. 

So, let’s look at some of these inherent qualities and effects of truth: 

Truth gives us the solid, reliable foundation and educational laws we need—at both the universal and personal level—to build a loving existence.

Truth creates consistency which is essential to a safe environment. When we know we can rely on the facts and consistent responses of our environment, we can create a safe and comfortable existence.

Truth gives us the facts and understandings we need to make informed and loving decisions and allowing us to make additional discoveries. It is a light that opens our awareness to what is real and continues to expand that awareness. Each time a door of truth opens, we gain access to untold numbers of additional doors. 

Truth allows us to become highly efficient with time and resources. We don’t waste time “reinventing the wheel” and repeating painful mistakes. 

Truth allows us to see what needs correction, follow our soul’s desires, and build and create with innovation and effectiveness. 

Truth is essential to equality, a fundamental principle of love that must be offered to all people. If we all had accurate and equal access to information, we would all have the same opportunities to use, learn from, respond to, and expand on truth. Inequalities in areas of human rights, equal pay, working conditions, health care, education, social justice, political corruption, etc. need to be exposed for all to see, an exposure that would encourage corrective action wherever greed, power, control, and money have taken precedence over truth and love. 

Truth is essential to freedom. If we are lied to, we are stripped of the ability to make informed choices. We become easily exploitable hostages of those who perpetuate the lies. This is a massive problem in our world today, especially when it comes to individuals and groups who desire power and control over others.

On the personal level, truth illuminates and stimulates the very fabric of our souls and the souls of others, helping us to know ourselves and each other, offering us the opportunity for loving relationships, and giving us insight and inspiring right-action with regard to our injuries, challenges, creations and passions. 

Truth allows us to grow our soul into a condition of love that will bring about all the positive and joyful experiences that life has to offer and protect us and our children from suffering the effects of ill-intentioned people and spirits.


Truth is a big deal. And our Creator has gone to great lengths in the design of our soul and the design of the universe to help us discover truth and to comprehend its importance. God built our soul to attract, recognize, absorb, and emotionally understand truth. And God built the universe to demonstrate, offer, and support our adherence to truth at every possible opportunity, including a mechanism called the Law of Attraction, known as God’s messenger of truth, a law that many people talk about, but don’t really understand. We will look closely at the Law of Attraction and several other mechanisms for acquiring truth in later chapters, each one fascinating and indicative of the great love our God has for us.

While God holds the absolute perspective of truth—that truth is an essential aspect of love—we, Earthlings, have adopted and perpetuated a much diminished perspective of truth, one that puts us in extreme disharmony with the loving laws of the universe. Our attitude—both in the seeking of truth and in our personal relationship with it—is strikingly lackadaisical and disrespectful of the value of truth, an attitude so commonplace that it feels “normal” to us, just as “normal” as the resulting pain and suffering that comes with on-going disrespect for all laws of love. We don’t currently recognize the connection between our apathy towards truth and our suffering, but it is real, nonetheless.  

Our disrespect of truth has many forms: lies, secrets, deceptions, facades, withholdings, minimizations, exaggerations, half-“truths,” desire for ignorance, manipulation via selective emphasizing, ambiguous or vague statements. We choose these strategies because we believe doing so will benefit us. It is a selfish and unloving choice made in the effort to avoid uncomfortable emotions and/or to gain a (usually short lived) pleasurable emotion, and it doesn’t work. Each time we attempt to avoid an emotion, we damage not only our own soul, but every other soul and everything around us. And with each neglect of truth, the consequences increase. We may think we have avoided the emotion in that moment, but the aforementioned Law of Attraction, God’s messenger of truth, will respond by bringing us as many increasingly painful events as it takes for us to access the emotion that is locked up inside us causing pain and requiring release.

Let’s look at an example: keeping secrets. Secrets are very commonplace on this planet. We even have job descriptions that require keeping secrets, but from God’s perspective, doing so is in direct opposition to principles of love and truth. Think of a secret you have had in your life. You did your best to hide that secret because you were afraid, if that secret was exposed, you would be faced with an outcome more dreadful than the effort of keeping the secret, an outcome that could include jail, physical harm, shame, rejection, or the wrath, loss, or “hurting” of someone important to us. No matter how justified we feel in keeping our secret, and regardless of the picture we paint in our minds of the feared outcome, it really boils down to what uncomfortable emotions we will end up having to experience if the truth is revealed: shame, terror, rejection, powerlessness or worthlessness. Once again, here is that theme that we will be revisiting repeatedly—one of our greatest flaws, the one that causes so much suffering—our avoidance of emotions. Yet, emotions don’t harm us—avoiding them is what harms us. If we are going to develop a healthy relationship with truth, we need to face this fear of emotions, we need to get used to feeling uncomfortable emotions, because correcting our current, lackadaisical view of truth is going to expose lots of emotions. And this is good.


The most basic Divine Law-based requirement regarding truth is simple: Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth no matter what. If we understood and let ourselves fully feel the loving substance behind this Divine directive, we would know how critical truth is to the well-being of every person on this planet and how damaging lies and facades are to that well-being. If we let ourselves feel the truth about truth, we would love it. We would not wait for a courtroom, a bible, a human law, or some other form of intimidation to prompt us to honor truth. We would not wait for the pain of sin as it is confronted by God’s Laws to motivate us to honor truth; we would love truth because we would personally feel and know it as the essential partner of love, and we would know, as well, the freedom and joy it brings to our soul.

Meanwhile, we lie—in all its many forms. We may believe with our whole heart that the “little white lies” we tell are harmless and the “bigger” lies we tell are justified; they are not. Every time we lie, we eradicate love; we destroy trust and relationships; we damage our souls and escalate confusion, stress, anger, control, tyranny, oppression and attack; we destabilize our foundations, we disconnect from our emotions and each other; and we generate, feed, and spread fear and suffering. 

Truth is paramount to any healthy relationship. And yet it is rarely a foundation of even our primary relationships, our love relationships. When we are dishonest, don’t stand up for truth, and withhold truth, we compromise the entire potential for love in that relationship. Without truth and honesty, individuals are just promoting a false image, a façade, of each other—a fantasy—which cannot be the basis of a real bond or loving connection. If we want a truly loving relationship, we must share our honest feelings, hopes, desires, as well as the truth of our errors and shortcomings—and it must be a safe and supportive environment to do so. Sadly, fully knowing, embracing and loving another with a dedicated foundation of truth is more the exception than the rule for relationships on Earth. Most of us actually prefer (due to our poor development in love) the façade-filled, addiction-satisfying, co-dependent relationships. We want our comforts met without the “mess” of truth and confronted emotions.

Many people prioritize maintaining the peace above truth. But maintaining the peace is really just another way of saying, “let’s avoid as many painful emotions as possible” in our relationship. As a result, we lie, maintain illusions, and avoid truth rather than advocate for it. We are, in fact, highly detuned from, afraid of, and ashamed of our real feelings and motivations, all of which will be revealed when we become truly honest. As a result, our pseudo-relationships are built on feeble foundations of facades and lies as well as obligation, guilt, barter, manipulation, getting addictive emotions met, elevating traditions above honest desire, complacency, misdirected loyalty (to something other than love and truth), and even fear rather than real love and truth. 

One of the most tragic places we spread our emotion-avoiding, fear-based disregard for truth is with our own children, the vulnerable little beings we often claim to love the most of all people. When pristine new souls enter this world at conception, they are wide open to the imprinting of every ideology and emotion in their environment, whether it is aligned with God’s Truth or not, an openness that eventually gets impeded by errors as children acclimatize to the error-filled earthly environment. But in the early years, while their souls are still open, they are very sensitive to emotions and, therefore, the impact of lies as well as the emotions that motivate lies. They immediately and deeply feel the disharmony between what is said by a lying person and what they can feel in that person’s soul; that discrepancy is very confusing, painful, frightening and damaging to the development of their soul. They can’t navigate among all that conflicting information. God designed us to be able to feel our way to love and truth, but without a foundation of truth, our built-in, soul-based navigation mechanisms become defiled. This is a tragic occurrence in the life of a soul, yet commonplace in our current world culture.  Even so-called “good” parents and caretakers consistently lie. We lie to seize power and control; we lie to “preserve” and “protect;” we lie to maintain superiority and facades; we lie out of laziness; we lie about how we feel, what we think, and what we know; we lie about our worries and fears; we lie for financial gain; we lie about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy; we lie with great cruelty in the form of insults, judgements, blame, and shame that are often coupled with direct and violent attack. The number and variety of lies is astounding, and they all cause vicious harm, a reality that each of us will only comprehend when we have developed the emotional sensitivity that accompanies growth in love. 

Lies cause children to distrust their own feelings, distrust their own soul. Lies teach children that human beings—especially those who claim to love them but typically lie to them the most—cannot be trusted. Children experience that, without truth, so-called “love” relationships are not actually loving or safe—two basic emotional needs that psychologists agree are critical for children to develop into emotionally healthy adults[1]. When a child’s feelings of love and safety are compromised, the child will have a very difficult time developing future healthy relationships, which will greatly diminish happiness and well-being. Our very souls are designed for relationship—to connect, communicate, love, share, desire, express, create, learn, and enjoy. When we disrupt an individual’s ability to trust and connect, we interfere with the two most important relationships a person will ever have: the relationship with their whole soul (themselves and their soulmate) and their relationship with God. 

If children dare to champion truth by speaking up for truth, questioning the status quo, airing their concerns, or feeling emotions resulting from this treatment, they are often disregarded, condescended to, ridiculed, rejected, threatened, and sometimes violently abused. Thus, children quickly learn to adopt the same methods as their caretakers: avoid expressing your emotions and avoid truth. This is the legacy we pass on to our children, and with it, the accompanying pain and suffering. 

This is a tragedy. And there is more.

To be continued…

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