Chapter 5 – Our Multidimensional Universe – The Earth Experience

In this chapter we look at how our Creator has designed Earth with perfect love and accommodation for new human souls.

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The Truth

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Chapter Five

Our Multidimensional Universe – The Earth Experience


Earth is the birthplace of our soul. It provides us a unique welcome and introduction to life as a human, which we will discover is an extraordinary adventure of soul-exploration and development in love. As our first home, Earth may always hold a dear place in our hearts, but we humans are actually residents of a much greater, ever-expanding, and highly interactive multidimensional universe. We are multidimensional beings; and every facet of this multidimensional universe is designed to offer us love and support us as we discover and experience the potential of our souls and truths that guide our existence. In the next few chapters, we will look at the design and characteristics of this fascinating universe and how it interacts with our human souls to ensure our evolution and ultimate happiness.

What our Creator has done, in Her infinite love and wisdom, is create a universe that is entirely built on principles of love and which responds to the slightest fluctuations of a human emotion relative to love. Every thought, intention, belief, desire, word, or deed we humans generate—which is always generated from the soul—has a mathematical signature that correlates to the language of love and causes an immediate and precise response from the universe based on this love language. And because these laws of the universe respond to the soul, rather than simply our conscious actions or thoughts and feelings, it can sometimes (especially at first when we are first learning this language) be difficult to understand exactly what that response is trying to show us. As with any language, it takes desire, education, and plenty of practice, but ultimately, the language of our Creator, the universe and the soul will become clear. We will be able to communicate in the language of the soul, the language of love.

This communication and interaction between the soul and the universe is an emotional language. This is why it is so important to start honoring emotions and learn how to work with them. The emotions in our soul that interact with the universe are often ones that we are not conscious of. For this reason, this interaction is often called the “sub-conscious” mind. But that name is misleading for two reasons. Calling it a “mind” implies that it is controlled by thoughts and it is not; It is controlled by emotions. The “sub-conscious” part of it, the lack of awareness of our own soul is not some hidden inaccessible part of our being. Instead, we are unaware of it because we choose to be. It is a choice to not feel. It is a choice, therefore, to not know our soul or anyone else’s. It is a choice that also rejects God because a relationship with God requires emotion—because God uses emotions to communicate with us. It is a choice that has been repeated generation after generation—all the way back to the original human couple—and is so entrenched in human culture that we consider the avoidance of emotions, the rejection of an emotional relationship with God, and the suffering that results as “normal,” all the while, the universe unfailingly responds to this unfortunate choice by politely encouraging us to reconsider. Divine Truth shows us how to heal our soul by safely and responsibly allowing emotions to flow. As the soul heals, so does our spirit, mind, and body. Our life transforms. We will see that suffering is not an inherent part of life. It is caused by unloving human choices that are then responded to by a loving universe that is attempting to show us the errors of our ways. All suffering, even suffering caused by another, ends when we truly learn to feel and love. When Jesus became at one with God, he did not suffer, even as he was tortured and murdered, because he lived in perfect harmony with God’s emotions, emotions of perfected love.

So let’s look at how our birthplace, Earth, sets us on the path to learn this language of love.

Planet Earth was created for us as a pristinely beautiful, perfectly loving, resilient, diverse, fun, abundant, educational, safe and life-sustaining physical playground—the ideal place for newly developing human souls. On Earth, we are safely and lovingly introduced to experiences of ourselves, others, our environment, our Creator, and basic lessons in love. This is the precious gift that was given to us, but our perspective of Earth and life on this planet is often very different to God’s omniscient perspective. It is hard for us to look at our world in its current state and consider it safe, abundant and life-sustaining, when suffering and death are so prevalent and real.

One factor that contributes to the disparity between our perspective and God’s is that God does not see human beings as bodies, but as souls. God knows that suffering and death—both the results of human-caused degradation of the soul—as painful as they can be, do not cause permanent damage to the soul or even the spirit body. They are learning experiences designed into our extraordinary universe to assist us in making better choices. But viewing things from God’s perspective does not ease the reality of pain and suffering. Let’s look more deeply.

When God made this amazing playground for Her children, it was perfectly safe and loving. All that we perceive as threatening to our well-being and happiness is entirely man-made. Human beings, individually and collectively, are responsible for all suffering, danger, lack and threat found on Earth. God does not cause war, rape, starvation, child abuse or any form of violence. Nor does God create diseases, “accidents,” genetic “defects,” mental and emotional illnesses, or any dangers found in Nature—insect or animal attacks of any kind, climate extremes, desertification, or harmful viruses. Every danger arises from the individual and collective choice of humans to sin.

We often use the examples of Nature’s “cruelty” or the “survival of the fittest” explanations as proof that nature has its cruel side. Aren’t these verifiable observations proof that our world is inherently one of competition and violence? And don’t these realities justify our own use of them in our lives in order to serve the greater good? What Divine Truth explains is that all so-called evidence of an inherently unloving world is a misinterpretation of what is really going on within and around us and a grave underestimation of our loving Creator. Yes, the competition, lack and violence found at times in nature and our own lives is real, but it arises entirely from the human soul’s impact upon what, originally, was a perfectly safe and loving creation. We currently have almost no understanding of the power of the human soul and its effect upon everything, but one day, we will. God created a world where the lions did lie down with the lambs, but our choices to oppose love have distorted, almost beyond recognition, the Eden that was given to us.

If lions (or any animal that we consider a predator) were created to lie down with the lambs, then why do they have massive canine teeth, clearly designed to rip and tear flesh? How could such creatures fit into an entirely loving and peaceful design? What would flesh-eating creatures eat if not other animals? If animals didn’t eat other animals, how would all the creatures of nature stay in balance?

These are all good questions. And it can be difficult to imagine a truly loving design, when all we have known is nature as we currently see it. But this is where we need to look beyond appearances and ask a very important logical question: Would a perfectly loving Being ever design something for the purpose of violence, threat, fear or harm? Of course not. The only reason we might think this is possible is because of our limited, distorted, and, in some cases, completely mistaken beliefs about love and God.

We humans devise explanations and arguments about life that include pain as a necessity because of our ignorance of love, God and the impact of our souls, but we also don’t want to consider any possibilities that might make us responsible for the evils of the world. We want to blame other people or God. And when we observe the universe around us, we insist that it fits our corrupt perspective instead of trusting love as the foundation of our existence and seeking answers that are consistent with a loving reality.

Because of these prejudices we hold, we don’t consider that those flesh-eating creatures, for example, may have an important role that doesn’t involve attacking or killing. God designed flesh-eating animals to be a part of the Earth’s clean-up crew. Animals die. People die. And we certainly don’t want dead bodies lying around rotting and smelling up the atmosphere. Those of us who have had dogs as pets know how much dogs love to play with and eat rotting, stinking dead things. It is built into their nature, and their systems are built to handle it. But flesh-eaters, like my dogs did, can also enjoy eating an assortment of other foods, like fallen, rotting fruit or berries directly off the bushes. God’s creations are amazingly adaptive and efficient, even after eons of exposure to human influences.


Although the loving Truth about God and God’s creations is often unclear to us here on Earth, as we grow in love and experience more of this amazing multidimensional universe, we will ultimately recognize that God—and everything that God creates—is entirely loving. If we reject this truth, like most of do when we believe God is responsible for pain and suffering, then we automatically reject God as well. This is the ultimate tragedy—to not personally know the goodness and Love of God—and to thus reject the one relationship most beneficial to our evolution and ultimate happiness. Holding onto judgements, fantasies, fears, lies, and false beliefs about another being prevents us from knowing them. Truth is essential to any relationship. We must know ourselves and the other accurately. Only then can we fully embrace and love each other. In our relationship with God, God already knows and loves us completely. We are the only ones who limit the relationship. If we want to have a relationship with God, we must learn the truth about God as well as the truth about ourselves. We must come to recognize, as one day we will, that God only creates that which is perfect and loving. Anything less than that comes from humanity, and it can heal.

Do you remember what I said in the last chapter about how sin takes root in our soul? It is primarily the choice to remain insensitive to and disallow emotions. Whenever we have unresolved emotions within us, whether those emotions are clearly violent, competitive, sinful, or seemingly innocuous, those emotions get projected onto everyone (including ourselves, of course) and everything on the planet and always cause harm. Individually and collectively, the choice to refuse the healing process of responsibly allowing and releasing emotions has created every harmful and unsafe condition that exists in our universe. Humans, alone, have turned our Earth and universe from Eden into Hell. (I will explain this causation with greater detail in later chapters.)

We humans want to believe we are innocent or that we are victims of a dangerous world, but we are not. We may not have been aware of our influence upon the world around us, but even in our ignorance, we are held accountable by the laws of the universe because ignorance is a choice. The universe responds to every sin, whether or not we know it is a sin or agree that it is a sin. Thus, in order to start taking a benevolent role in our own lives and in humanity’s future, education is paramount. We need to learn God’s definitions of love and sin, so we can embrace love and enjoy the safe, abundant and joyful life that this universe was designed to offer us.

Can you understand the significance of what Divine Truth is saying? God has made our entire universe responsive to the human soul! And we have the opportunity to learn the language of that communication so we can stop feeling we are victims of life’s events and start to interact consciously and advantageously with this amazing design. Can you imagine what it will mean to be able to understand the purpose and meaning of every event in your life? Can you imagine what it will be like to truly know your own soul? Or what your life will be like when you heal every error-based emotional cause sabotaging your creative desires? All we have to do is align our amazing emotional souls with this powerful love-based universe, and our potential as loving, creative human beings will be set free. If we invite God into that equation, there is no telling what we will discover and experience as we bring our own brand of joy to this playground we have been given.


God birthed our souls and created this loving Earth and universe from Her infinite love so we would come to know ourselves and the abundance and glory of love. Earth is made to provide us with copious resources and joys. The sun offers a profusion of energy, light and warmth. Trees, plants, fruits, nuts, and grains abound to utilize the sun’s offerings to us with endless culinary delights and resources. Plants do not just make one seed when they reproduce, they make hundreds, if not thousands or millions. Rain falls in abundance onto moisture retaining, rich soils when our forests and lands are cared for. Animals, birds, plants, trees, flowers, and people, come in a plethora of shape, size, and color. God’s Love is offered abundantly and unconditionally to every person. And God did not make just one “Earth.” Jesus is aware of at least six other “Earths” in our universe and, during his two thousand years in the spirit world, has had the privilege of meeting the spiritual leaders like himself who have introduced Divine Truth to their respective planets. Our Earth is full of examples of our Creator’s desire to give abundantly. That is what love does.

This gift of Earth itself, as wonderful as it is, is only a temporary abode—essentially, a nursery—designed to introduce infant human souls to the basic principles of love, truth and self-knowledge gained through personal desire and exploration. Our time here is brief compared to the entire life of the soul, yet this nursery planet is very important to us new souls because it gives us perspective relative to the rest of our soul-life. How we spend our time here; how we treat ourselves, others, and all of God’s creatures; how well we stand up for love; how we relate to God; how we treat the environment—it all matters. Every choice we make is recorded in the soul. The choices we make on Earth provide us great insight into our character, nature, strengths and weakness and how we can ultimately grow to become the person God designed us to be. If we are fortunate enough to live what is considered a full life on Earth, we will experience physical maturity here, but from a soul perspective, Earthlings are still infants, and will remain so until we learn to love the way God loves. And only with the reception of God’s Love will our souls have the potential to fully mature. Currently on Earth there are only a few rare, mature souls, like Jesus, Mary, and the others of the fourteen who’s souls reached an extraordinary level of development in love then returned to Earth to offer us their love, knowledge, and experience of God’s Truth. The rest of us, however, are mere infants in soul development.

In later chapters, I will expound on the reincarnation process that allowed Jesus, Mary and their team to return to Earth. It is fascinating and will correct a profusion of errors about reincarnation, but there is one comment I want to make here. I find it interesting that current concepts of reincarnation support the idea that it is necessary or at least helpful for those who have passed from Earth to return here in order to grow in love, yet the reality is this: Earth is designed to provide an introductory education in love, specifically for infant souls, whereas the spirit world offers far more appropriate and relevant educational opportunities for developing souls who have already experienced the unique earth environment. Returning to Earth for continued education would be like going back year after year to a very poorly managed nursery school or kindergarten, where violence, lies, bullying and lack prevail. It makes no sense. God is infinitely smarter than that and always provides Her children with an ever-expanding, optimum learning environment.

Let’s look at what makes Earth so exclusively tailor-made for new souls. The most notable characteristic compared to all the other dimensions of reality that we will explore on our soul-journey is Earth’s physicality. Our beginning human journey offers us a physical body on a physical Earth within a physical universe. Why? For one thing, the physical dimension is very dense. For beings that are new and potentially very sensitive and vulnerable, that density acts like a buffer. It allows new beings the opportunity to learn and explore in a slower, more protected manner. The laws of love respond to our souls immediately here on Earth just like they do in every dimension of existence, but in a physical environment, the laws feel more subtle. The laws of the universe are calibrated to the non-physical, highly refined, highly sensitive soul, whereas the physical body and physical universe are a dense, slowed-down version of sensitivity. It is like taking water vapor and slowing it down not only to a liquid state, but further to a solid state. Physicality allows us the choice to adhere to the solid, slow moving state, but also offers us the opportunity, if we so desire, to allow ourselves to soften and melt into a “liquid” state where we feel more emotions, or even a fully expanded “vapor” state, where we become sensitive to more refined energies, like love, God, and the soul-based laws of the universe. The laws are always present guiding us and are always available to us if we desire to tune-in to them, but they won’t feel imposing to us while we are in the physical dimension, thus giving us the experience of making choices that result from our own volition rather than from the pressure of external influences.

An interesting parallel to this buffering effect is the development of a fetus within its mother’s womb. During this vulnerable stage of development, the fetus is surrounded by a protective sack that filters and buffers impact and exposure to the world around it. It is gently held there with its eyes closed in relative safety and comfort until it is ready for a new, expanded environment and new experiences offered by birth. God designed our entire development in this loving way. This evolutionary journey that we are on requires change, but we are allowed to open slowly to the full potential of our being. Sometimes we rely on the laws of love to nudge us along our journey, but as we grow in love, our desires take a more active role in the pace of our growth. Either way, we are never pushed or faced with more than we can handle. This is a very loving provision and is the basis of our on-going development and awakening.

Most human beings, because of our poor collective development in love on Earth (which must be overcome in order to evolve) learn to love very slowly. In our lifetimes, we make innumerable mistakes relative to love, and every time we do, it damages the soul, which in turn damages the body, other people, all living things, the environment around us, and our connection with God. But, because we are introduced to life via physicality, many of these mistakes we make, these sins, can take many years before they result in conscious pain or suffering. Illnesses and diseases usually don’t catch up with us until we have been on Earth for many years. Thus, physicality offers us a grace period, a chance to correct our mistakes, a chance to realign with love of our own accord before we rely on pain to get our attention.

During this grace period, physicality also allows us to manage our physical symptoms and our physical environment while we make mistakes, explore and, hopefully, learn. This is another generous provision but one that many of us take for granted. Instead of letting ourselves observe and feel about our choices, we manage our lives to create a façade of wellness, beauty, and happiness while continuing poor choices.

Our physical bodies are designed to be perfectly healthy, regenerative, youthful and beautiful when animated by a purely loving soul. But they are also designed to be wonderful indicators of truth when a soul falls out of alignment with love, so that soul can learn from mistakes, correct them, and come back to love. We are charitably provided with the resources and creativity to use herbs, nutritious foods, natural remedies, surgery, drugs, as well as emotional and physical addictions to lessen, or attempt to lessen, the suffering caused by unloving choices. If we use life-promoting, supportive therapies while we work on our causal emotional issues, we are using those remedies for a good cause. But if we use any intervention to avoid feeling and loving, as in the case of physical and emotional addictions, then we are missing the opportunity being offered. Unfortunately, most people completely miss the opportunity to learn what the body offers to teach us, instead, believing that bodies are designed to fail, and that the need for external modifiers is to be expected. God does not design things that fail, and bodies are no exception. They are perfectly designed educational tools.

The environment around our bodies is also designed to educate us in love. Everything around us responds to the individual and collective soul conditions of humans and can provide us with valuable information. We can learn a great deal if we pay attention to changes that occur to our families, friends, pets, wildlife, gardens, wildlands, forests, prairies, oceans, waterways, and even our homes, jobs, income, vehicles, personal belongings, and global climate. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention. Instead, we tend to justify, ignore, overlook, or attribute changes to “random” acts of nature. We often use whatever resources we have, like money, to modify our environment, so we are completely detached from the effects we have on that environment. We can buy a fancy home in a tropical paradise or maintain a beautiful landscape through the use of artificial watering systems and soil amendments, even when our soul condition is very poor and is bringing harm to the very beauty for which we pay so dearly. And because the forgiving environment of Earth allows us to do this, we often think that we are in a well-evolved state or getting away with our unloving soul condition and choices. We are not. If we eliminated all our efforts to artificially control our environment, we would start to see and feel the true condition of our soul. That truth would bring a plethora of emotions that we, for the most part, are working very hard to avoid.

We may not feel the full impact of our sins while we dwell on Earth, but every single unloving action, deed, intention and desire gets recorded in the soul and stays there until we correct and heal it. Often it is only after a generous amount of time that the impact of our sins has a noticeable effect upon us, other people, animals and plants, or our environment. And for some people, these effects are not apparent until they step beyond the gracious buffering system of the physical world at the time of “death.” That is when most people have a rather traumatic reality check.

Physicality may seem like a burden at times due to the fact that physical bodies require constant attention and care. We expend a great deal of time and energy seeking food, shelter, and physical well-being and safety. All this effort may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience; after all, couldn’t God have designed a system where we were born directly into our spirit bodies in a “buffered” non-physical world, where we wouldn’t have to worry about physical concerns? That may seem plausible, but God provided the physical experience for many wise reasons. Can you see that having to pay attention to feeding, housing, and taking care of ourselves, other people, animals, plants, our creations, and the environment offers us unique opportunities to love? In a physical world, our choice to care or not care has very tangible consequences, even if it takes time for these results to become obvious. On one hand, we glow with delight and pride when we come together to serve others. We feel joy when we love. On the other hand, we are terrified and bereaved by violence, suffering and death (though we often limit these feelings to when we are personally affected). These physical results offer us a very effective feedback system, showing us the evidence of our choices and gently encouraging us toward more loving choices and greater happiness, all the while without every truly threatening our existence as souls. What a wonderful system of education.

Do you pay attention to this loving feedback system? What does it take for you to recognize and let go of unloving habits and start to explore more loving possibilities? Are you someone who desires to love because you have faith in love and sincerely want to know more about it? Or are you someone who tends to resist loving change until your personal pain becomes so great that the alternative is death? Perhaps all we have ever needed is a little education in love to help us to see that love is, hands down, the way to go, not only on Earth, but throughout our travels on this magnificent human adventure.

We may not fully understand or appreciate the loving design of our first home while we are here, but in time we will be able to see the wisdom, intelligence and love built into this amazing physical reality. We are given endless opportunities on Earth to love, but never forced to engage them. We are offered innumerable examples and reflections of loving truth, but not forced to see or accept them. We are given tremendous freedom to explore and choose. We are given buffered guidance and the grace of time to correct our mistakes. We are even offered the direct Love of our Creator if we desire it. Nothing is pushed upon us. The whole design is an example of love offered gently to fledgling human souls. It is up to each of us to decide what we want to make of this opportunity in the short time we are here. The choices we make here will have a profound effect on the rest of our existence. Let’s learn to make better ones.


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