Chapter 4 – Introducing: The Human Soul

We humans are a mystery even to ourselves. We struggle to find true happiness, love, health, fulfillment and joy because we don’t have an accurate perception of what we actually are and how we fit into the scheme of things…

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The Truth

– A beginner’s perspective on what could be the
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The Truth – Introduction

Chapter 1 – The Basics

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Chapter Four

Introducing: The Human Soul

We humans are a mystery even to ourselves. We struggle to find true happiness, love, health, fulfillment and joy because we don’t have an accurate perception of what we actually are and how we fit into the scheme of things. Human beings are clearly more than just intelligent and creative animals. We have unique attributes that distinguish us from all other species: we are almost haunted by self-awareness and deep, sometimes painful emotional cravings for connection, belonging, validation, meaning, purpose, achievement, love, and intimacy.

What is the source of this inner human experience that makes each of us each so unique yet driven in similar and complex ways? What makes these inner feelings and callings so all-consuming that at times we feel compelled to express them at all costs, and at other times desperately driven to ignore, suppress, deny, calm or supplant them with a myriad of addictions? Why do so many humans suffer? Are we flawed? Are we being punished? Or is this just how life is meant to be?

We humans live in an extraordinary universe that, when it is truly understood, is testament of an all-loving, omniscient, omnipotent Creator. When such a Being expresses Her love, you get a universe filled with creations of profound beauty, intelligence, variety and perfection; you get creatures and beings who have the capacity to receive the extraordinary gifts of God’s loving expression; and you get beings who have the capacity to feel, develop, receive, and express love with each other as well as with their Creator. We are those beings. What makes each of us capable of discovering, feeling and exploring love is the human soul. A soul is not just something we have inside us or around us, it is what we are.

Many people, when they contemplate what makes up their identity as an individual, believe that the mind makes us who we are. This leads to the belief that if we control the mind and thoughts, we can overcome our frailties, addictions, volatile emotions, tendencies towards self-harm and harm of others, grief, pain, anger, illness, unhappiness, unhealthy relationships, etc. That is not the truth. We may believe we can think our way out of the mess we have created in our world, but that won’t happen. The mind is a wonderful and important part of us, but it is only an aspect or tool designed to serve our true identity, the soul.

We currently have little understanding of our soul and what it is capable of, but that is going to change as more and more people discover and begin to embrace the Truth of our existence, the Divine Truth that the messengers are sharing with us at this time. Only the human soul has the capacity to bring about the paradigm shift humanity so desperately needs, and the power to make that shift can only be unleashed when a soul is brought into harmony with the laws of love. One soul in perfect harmony with God’s Truth and Love, like Jesus achieved in the first century, will positively impact the entire world.

I mentioned in “Chapter 1—The Basics” that the whole basis of our universe is love. We humans are designed to love, which is why living our lives in accordance with love is essential to our well-being. To understand ourselves, it is important that we learn that love is not just an idea or an action, it is an emotion; it is energy in motion, an energy that is gifted with purpose, transformative capacities, loving effect, and generous expression. It is not possible to fully understand ourselves or any of God’s loving creations with just our intellect—it is only possible to fully understand God’ creations with the soul which is fundamentally emotional. We are designed to be emotional beings. If we desire to understand love, ourselves, our universe, or God, it is essential that we develop our feeling nature—our soul. And because we have so many mistaken beliefs about who we are, our universe and our Creator, we have much to learn, correct and heal, and that journey is going to be an emotional journey. Perhaps you have heard the Bible verse where Jesus stated: “Verily I say unto you, except ye turn [be converted], and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” [Matthew 18:3]. Jesus was pointing out that children have humility—they feel their emotions honestly and freely—which is essential to a soul’s progression in love. In order to heal ourselves, we are all going to need to become as honest and embracing of our feelings as children, yet the process, when done responsibly, is very private and personal. And if we desire, will involve the greatest helper of all times—God.

It is our human soul that accounts for the deeply painful as well as deeply loving emotions and longings that we experience as humans. The human soul is a fascinating creation with potentials we have only begun to tap into and understand; it is far more complex and powerful than any other known creation in this universe. As you start to learn about Divine Truth and the soul, you will see that it is not arrogant to say that the human soul is the pinnacle of God’s creations. The soul affords us the unique opportunity to experience and explore that complex and delicious of all possible experiences, the emotion of love—love for and from ourselves, others, our environment and God. This capacity for love and emotions is reliably built into every soul, but how we choose to develop our ability to feel and share love is up to us. It may get temporarily hidden, disguised, or ignored, but is always ready to blossom when it is given a chance.

Recognizing ourselves as souls is going to require some big adjustments. In addition to our tendency to focus on the mind, we also tend to think of ourselves as bodies, which is why Earthlings are so focused on survival, comfort, avoidance of pain, physical appearance, and physical pleasure, often at the direct expense of the soul. Some people on Earth who have interest in spirituality and who recognize that there is life beyond Earth often refer to themselves as spirits “having a human experience” (but often continue to act as if they really believe themselves to be a body). But neither of these beliefs—that we are a body or that we are a spirit—are accurate. Both the physical body and the spirit body are just extensions of the soul.

If the soul is well developed in love (from God’s perspective), our bodies will be very healthy and youthful. Issues with genetics are actually issues with emotions that get passed on to us and can also be healed. Biological aging beyond youthful maturity is not caused not by faulty design or the passage of time; it is caused by soul degradation resulting from sin—God’s definition of sin, not necessarily the common understanding (this will be explained in more detail later). We all have the potential for perfect health, well-being, youthfulness, and an unlimited life span if we align ourselves completely with God’s view of love, which is the condition of being at one with God. But as you are learning, the soul affects much more than just our bodies. It is also the source of every emotional and mental experience in our whole existence. Intelligence is something we don’t consider to be reliant on emotion, and therefore the soul, but it is. We cannot learn something that we are not emotionally open to receiving, and as we progress, we will experience how knowledge can be transmitted instantly through an emotional exchange.

In the perfected state of at-one-ment with God, we would experience many gifts such as: absolute peace, happiness and joy, perfect health, a youthful appearance (we would look like we are in our 20’s), access to vast knowledge, and new and enhanced abilities to: perceive subtle realities (multidimensions), create and heal our environment, heal any physical injury instantly, heal others, move objects, levitate, make plants grow faster, and even translocate. Notice that in God’s infinite wisdom, these enhanced abilities come only in conjunction with the growth of love in the soul, God’s Love in particular. God doesn’t give additional power to individuals who’s immaturity in soul development predisposes them to misuse it.

God is a soul. God is the great oversoul of the universe. It makes sense that we, being God’s children, would be made of the same soul-substance as our Parent. That is the pattern we see in nature: like begets like. In our case it is Soul begets soul. No other creature in the universe is created as an individual soul, only human beings. Creatures with a central nervous system do have a group soul, but not an individual soul. Some of us who have religious backgrounds have heard the idea from the Bible that we are created in the image and likeness of God. The Bible is not saying that God has a physical body with arms, legs, hands, a face, or long white hair. And our similarity is not indicating, as some in the New Age movement believe, that we are mini-Gods ourselves, potential Gods, or even a part of God. And then there are some very unfortunate beliefs about our similarity to God based on the assumption that God is like us as we currently are in our error-filled condition. This causes many to assume God is emotionally unstable (loving one minute and cruel the next), insecure (needs praise), indifferent (lets atrocities occur without care), angry (wrathful), controlling (imposing commandments) and vindictive (kills off “unbelievers”), none of which, thank goodness, are correct. The “image and likeness of God” is referring to what God really is and what we really are, a soul.

But there are a few important distinctions between the Soul of God and the soul of Her children. God may be infinite, but we, undeniably, are not. We arrive in this world as vulnerable, dependent, finite creations, and a finite being is never going to catch up to what is infinite. That would be mathematically impossible. If you look at the examples in nature or even humanity itself, offspring don’t become their parents. Children are certainly imprinted deeply by their parents, but they ultimately become very distinct individuals from their parents. In our case, God’s Soul is the complete, infinite and perfect amalgamation of all loving characteristics, whereas each human soul is created with a unique nature and personality, has unique life experiences, and, as it continues to develop, will desire to express itself in its own unique way. As a soul develops in love, it will desire to explore and understand increasingly more aspects of creation, but the soul does not become all loving aspects of personality, nature, and desire like our Parent.

Another key distinction about the experience of our soul compared to God’s soul is that each of us on Earth, while we may experience our self as a complete, independent, autonomous individual, are not a whole soul. You, as you know yourself to be, are only one half of your complete soul. You really do have a soulmate, the one person who is the other half of your soul. This soulmate is the person God designed to be our mate and is the only one who will literally complete us. All the unique qualities, personality, nature, and even the Free Will that God gives to a soul are given to the whole soul. Only the whole soul can receive certain gifts that are not fully available to each half. God designed each of us to come together with this soul-partner, our soulmate, with whom we would explore our unique soul and with whom we can grow together and develop in ways we cannot yet fathom.

Creating us as two halves of a whole is an amazing and loving design that makes even more sense when we understand how the soul develops and grows in love over time. As each half of the soul purifies and evolves in love, the two halves can—if they choose to evolve with God’s help—reach the exceptional development in love that would allow them to reunite back into a whole soul again with highly expanded, loving, conscious awareness and capacity. This unified soul condition has occurred for a limited number of highly evolved souls, but only after many years of dedicated God-reliant soul-development in the spirit world. Jesus and Mary and the twelve other half-souls (often referred to collectively as the fourteen) who returned to Earth recently had achieved that soul-unified state in the Celestial Heavens before returning. The unified state has not yet occurred to any souls while living on earth, but the potential seems very likely and is something that Jesus and Mary would love to confirm while they are here. For most of us, however, that highly advanced step in a soul’s evolution is far down the road, well beyond even the extraordinary state of a soul perfectly purified and fortified with God’s Love known as becoming at one with God, which Jesus achieved on Earth in the first century. The attainment of the unified state of the soul in the highest realms of the Celestial Kingdom is actually what allowed the fourteen to reincarnate on Earth in the same manner a new soul incarnates. Utilizing this normal process of incarnation (reincarnation in their case) was important to their mission because they want to demonstrate the process of soul incarnation and development as it is experienced by the rest of humanity.

Speaking of incarnation and reincarnation, I will mention briefly here that there are many deeply entrenched, mistaken beliefs about the process and reality of reincarnation. Firstly, up until the point that the seven souls (the fourteen individuals) arrived from the pure soul-unified state (starting in 1963 with Jesus), no one else on Earth had actually been reincarnated—regardless of what people believe. What we interpret as concrete evidence of reincarnation is not what it appears. Remember how we were certain we had concrete evidence of the sun revolving around Earth and how it turned out we were misinterpreting the evidence? It is the same thing with reincarnation. Most of what is taught about reincarnation on Earth (and in the spirit world) is based on inaccurate perceptions of reality, and, as a result, is not only incorrect, but the results of which are highly damaging to every soul involved. I will address this critical subject in its own chapter after we have more understanding of our universe and how human souls develop.

Back to the soul. God designed each complete soul as well as each half-soul to have all the characteristically human capacities to feel, imagine, reflect, create, learn, think, relate, love, and evolve. At the time of its creation, the whole soul receives from God the specific and distinct personality and nature, but each soul-half contributes unique life experiences and choices to add to the whole. The soul is like a container for all our emotions, beliefs, attitudes, intentions, thoughts, memories, knowledge, desires, ambitions, passions, potentials, personality and nature. The soul is also an interactive instrument of sensitivity and emotion, which gives humans the ability to feel and communicate with each other and God directly through emotions. It is vastly complex and extraordinarily designed for feeling, learning, relating and on-going evolution in love.

Every human soul is created perfect. God doesn’t make mistakes. There is no inherently sinful nature built into the human soul. What we feel and view as imperfections—our angry, fearful, sad, cruel, greedy, selfish, ignorant, violent, unloving actions and emotions—are actually just the results of what each of us and our society have chosen to do with the perfect souls we were given. You may have heard the saying about computers: garbage in, garbage out. In a crude way, our soul is like that, except, of course, it has many more capacities and it is flawless. Our “computer” never crashes, and never has errors in its design, only temporary errors in the programming and data that is entered—and there are currently many of those, many errors in our souls. All the pain we experience in our lives is caused by these errors. And the errors are in us because of our individual and collective choices to sin. I will use the word sin quite a lot in the coming chapters because it is an efficient word that mean to miss the mark of love, which is something that we humans are very good at. Some of us with religious upbringings may feel judged when we hear the word, sin, but please recognize that that is not my intention. If you do, however, feel the emotion of judgement arising, I encourage you to let it be felt and give yourself some space and time to feel the underlying cause of that emotion. We will get into details of the process of releasing painful emotions in upcoming chapters. The good news is that God designed our souls so that all sin, all errors, can be corrected and healed permanently, as you will soon see.

We are given this gift of a soul from our Creator so we can experience all that being a child of an infinitely loving God has to offer us. Initially, we get to know ourselves as an individual half-soul as we face a variety of experiences. How will I respond to my earthly circumstances, as difficult they may be? How will I direct my choices and my life? What interests and passions do I feel inside me? What are my priorities? How will I choose to honor and care for my body, mind and soul?

Then there is the wonderful exploration of experiences between people. How will I treat and interact with others? What if they treat me poorly? Will I be compassionate, kind, honest, ethical, and loving to all people or only some of them? Will I stand for what is right and good? Or will I make money, pleasure, and achievement more important than people? How will I treat my love partner? Do I desire to be sensitive to God’s Truth about soulmates? Or do I want to keep that truth from myself? Will I put honesty, love and self-responsibility above all else in relationships? Or will I selfishly try to get my addictions met at the expense of others?

We get to explore how we will choose to interact with nature and our environment. Do I care for and respect nature? Or do I just get what I want and toss my waste in the trash with no consideration to the effect that has? Am I curious about the structure and function of this world? This universe? These bodies? Do I have desires to create or build? Plant trees? Study or explore nature? Fly airplanes? Where would I like to live? Do I want to learn how to restore and protect threatened or degraded lands? Or will I ridicule environmental concerns?

And, if it is our desire, we get to explore ideas, truths, feelings and experiences concerning God. Could there really be a Being of absolute love, intelligence and wisdom Who created all the extraordinary things of life? Do I want to investigate that possibility? Am I willing to open my heart to God to see if I can know God personally? Do I wonder what is possible to experience if I pursue a truthful and loving relationship with God?

All these opportunities to explore and experience are made possible by the amazing capabilities and sensitivities of the soul within this wonderful universe. What an adventure we are on—so much to learn about these souls that we are, so much to experience.


Let’s look at what happens for us when our soul goes through the process of incarnating onto Earth. Before a soul’s first incarnation, it dwells as a complete soul (both halves united) in a state of total unawareness in a higher vibrational dimension referred to as the soul universe, where all souls abide. The whole soul remains in this soul universe even while each half-soul has its experience as an individual on Earth and in the spirit world. (This may be hard to imagine at this point but will become clearer as we expand our understanding of dimensions.)

When it is time for a soul to incarnate, it splits into two halves. One half of the soul will incarnate first, typically the half with a more pioneering, leadership spirit. The precious moment of incarnation occurs at the moment of conception, as soon as the egg and sperm unite. At that moment, this first soul-half is drawn to and envelops two developing human bodies. One of these bodies is the physical body that we are familiar with, and the other is a spirit body which is attuned to the spirit dimension and remains superimposed with the physical body as we live in the physical dimension. When we pass from Earth and enter the spirit world, either through death or when we sleep at night, it is the spirit body that we then experience as our body, and it will feel just as real and physical as our earthly bodies do.

Both the physical and spirit bodies are wonderful learning devises that show us what is going on in our infantile half-soul experience and give us a chance to explore and express without any danger of permanent damage to the soul (which always remains intact in the soul universe dimension). The soul envelops and animates both the physical and spirit bodies as long as those bodies are in use. We drop the physical body when we “die,” and we also drop the need for our spirit body if the soul is dwelling in the highly evolved soulunion state. I say “if” because the soul-union state can only occur if a soul progresses in relationship with God. At that point, both halves of the soul are unified into one being but can re-create the physical and spirit bodies as needed to interact with others inhabiting physical and lower spiritual dimensions.

So, back to the incarnation process. When the first half of the soul incarnates, the second half remains in the soul universe in an unaware state until the perfect situation occurs for it too to be drawn to the Earth plane where it will encompass its own two new bodies. God has designed the incarnation process to support the complex process of reuniting the two soul-halves, so no matter where the first soul-half incarnates, the second half will incarnate within the relative vicinity of its soulmate. This could be within the same town, state, province, territory or at least in the same country. We often hear stories of sweethearts who have known each other since they were little children. For some souls this is the case. On the other hand, some souls will incarnate at some distance from each other, perhaps due to the unique characteristics of that soul (souls that are more adventuresome perhaps). Jesus and Mary incarnated almost 900 miles (1450 Kilometers) apart, for example. The laws and mathematics that determine the parameters of soul incarnation would be a fascinating study.

Timing is another important factor in the incarnation process. Generally, two soul-halves will incarnate within 10 years of each other, and occasionally even 15 years apart, but will always be within the same generation. A person would never be soulmates with their own parent or child. Nor would two siblings be soulmates.

Our soul, like God’s, is made of both masculine and feminine qualities. God’s soul is a perfect balance and blend of masculine and feminine qualities, whereas each of us (both as half-souls and as whole souls) have a varying degree of the masculine and feminine traits. These masculine and feminine qualities are such a unique and wonderful aspect of the human soul that God designed our soul so we would be able to experience and explore those unique qualities in a very personal way. Each soul has a more masculine half and a more feminine half. If you are a man, you are a soul-half with predominantly masculine qualities, so at the time of conception, your soul-half was attracted to a male body. If you are a woman, your soul-half contains predominantly feminine qualities, so it was attracted to a female body.

The amount of masculine and feminine qualities within each soul varies (you may already notice that God loves variety) and the distribution of them looks like a classic Bell curve with the highest number of people being towards the middle of the spectrum having a relatively equal balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Towards either end of the curve are the souls that are significantly more masculine on one end and significantly more feminine on the opposite end. When a highly masculine soul splits, both halves will have predominant masculine qualities, although in different proportions, and, depending on the degree of masculinity in the whole soul, can be embodied into two male bodies. In the same fashion, when a strongly feminine soul splits, both halves will be predominantly feminine but in different proportions and can both manifest female bodies. These are the homosexual souls. The attraction to the same sex is built into the matrix of the homosexual soul just like the attraction to the opposite sex is built into the matrix of heterosexual souls.

In both heterosexual and homosexual souls, one half of the soul will contain more of the feminine soul qualities, like nurturing, creation of beauty and a more emotional nature, and the other half will manifest more of the masculine qualities, like the propensity for action, intellect, and creating physical things and structures. God gave us just enough variation to keep things interesting, and together, the whole soul is well-complimented and greater than the sum of its parts. The whole soul will be able to create, love and express itself more than it can without its soulmate.

Unfortunately, with all the emotional injuries afflicting humans today, sexuality, gender identity and attraction can be very confusing and misleading. We may currently perceive ourselves as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or trans-gender, for example, but the reality of our soul may be very different. From a soul perspective, a whole soul is only either homosexual or heterosexual, and an individual (half-soul) is either predominantly male (in a male body) or predominantly female (in a female body). How we see ourselves and the attractions we experience with others are not reliable indicators of our true soul-based gender characteristics, our true soul-based sexual orientation nor whether or not someone is our soulmate. There are innumerable emotional injuries in both homosexual and heterosexual souls that cause all kinds of distorted attractions, especially sexual attractions. The only way to know with certainty who your soulmate is or if your soul is heterosexual or homosexual is to heal, as we will discuss, all the emotional injuries that distort our self-knowledge and our sexual attractions so we can awaken the accurate soulmate part of our soul.

A whole set of powerful and loving divine laws are constantly functioning to bring the two soulmates together. It is no wonder we have such a strong desire for our mate. It is built into our soul to feel that longing. The challenge is to refine our soul enough so we can attract and recognize the only person who is truly going to complete our soul—not in a needy, addictive way, but in the perfect loving way God designed.

As each of us are having our experience as a “separate” person here on Earth, remember, our whole soul resides in the soul universe. We are always connected to our other half, always in constant interaction with them, even if we are totally unaware of it or the connection is weak due to our emotional injuries. Spirits who are well developed in love can actually see a chord connecting two halves of a soul, similar to the silver chord that connects our soul to our physical and spirit bodies. Because of this constant connection between soulmates, each half will be affected by the emotions, soul development and choices made by the other. The soulmate connection has the potential to either draw the two soul-halves together like a magnet or, due to unhealed emotions, repel them.

When one half of the soul pursues loving intentions and passionate interests, the other half will automatically feel a stronger pull in those areas as well, which will, of course facilitate them coming together emotionally as well as physically. The way to draw your soulmate into your life is to develop the soul in love and align with the powerful laws of the universe that are already working to bring the two halves of a soul together. As you grow in love, you are becoming the best you possible—what a wonderful gift to give to your soul and soulmate. Of all the things that will bring soulmates together, the single most powerful choice anyone can make is to grow a relationship with God and long for and receive God’s Divine Love. It cannot be overstated what a powerful and transformative effect Divine Love has on a person’s soul and, therefore, the magnetic quality of two soulmates.

We weaken the magnet for our soulmate if we lack desire for our soulmate, lack desire to explore our interests and passions, lack desire to grow in love, lack desire to feel and own our emotions, lack desire for truth, and lack desire for God. We outright repel our soulmate when we hold onto (and therefore radiate) strong emotions of anger, rage, demand, fear, addiction, condescension, or expectation towards the gender that our other half would be. For example, if a heterosexual woman has unresolved anger towards her father, that anger automatically gets projected towards all men in general and will be felt strongly by her male soulmate. If a heterosexual man holds expectations of a woman to look like a super-model or be his personal servant, those emotions would be felt by his other half and repel her. If a lesbian woman rejects femininity or a gay man rejects masculinity, then they are rejecting the reality of their soul and will have difficulty attracting or recognizing their soulmate. There are so many emotions that get in the way of a healthy and passionate soulmate relationship that most people don’t experience the blessing of a loving soulmate relationship until they have spent the necessary time (usually in the spirit world) healing all the emotional blocks in the way of that happening.

While attracting our soulmate is essential to our ultimate joy, in our current state, with all the emotional injuries we have regarding love and partnership, recognizing our soulmate can be difficult, and being in relationship with them can be very confronting and uncomfortable. The key to our ultimate happiness, whether we are in a relationship or not, is for us to keep working on our own half of the soul, bringing it into harmony with God’s definition of love and truth, lovingly develop the emotional nature of the soul, and develop an emotional relationship with God so we can enjoy all the benefits of living the way we were designed to live. This process will become clearer as you explore God’s Truth and gain experience with it, but the fundamentals are these: you are a soul designed to give and receive love, desire, create, and fully experience emotions. If you fight that reality, emotions get locked up in your soul (and bodies) and cause you to suffer. All soul-healing involves working through unloving emotions and aligning your soul with God’s definitions of love and truth. If you want to experience the ultimate human experience—true happiness, at-one-ment with God, union with your soulmate, ongoing reception of Divine Love and education directly from God, physical wellness and abilities beyond your current conceptions, and ever-expanding human potential and joy, you will want to embrace God’s Way. And with that sincere, passionate decision, you will aspire to:

  • educate yourself in God’s definition of love and gift it to yourself, all others, the environment and God Herself
  • love and respect yourself, all people, all living things, the environment, and God
  • embrace the emotional nature of your soul so you consistently feel fully (and responsibly) all emotions that arise, feel and release all unloving emotions that are currently locked up in your soul, and grow your capacity to give and receive love with others and God
  • embrace complete honesty and transparency
  • stand firm for God’s Truth in all matters while honoring the free-will choices of others
  • desire to explore and grow your unique love-based passions and desires
  • grow your love and desire for your soulmate
  • and most importantly, sincerely and passionately long for and receive God’s personal Love

The process of soul progression may seem daunting at first, because we have wandered so far from love, but the more we learn and develop our soul, the more the process will become a joy. The loving laws of the entire universe, our personal spirit guides and helpers, angels, and God Herself will be supporting us in our efforts. The initial leg of the journey, healing the soul of its damage, will take a fair bit of fortitude and time, but with such powerful support, success is imminent. After that, the soul evolution continues but becomes much more enjoyable, a journey filled exclusively with ever-expanding of love and joy.


Are you starting to understand why humanity has had such a hard time with this experience called life? Our whole population spends an exorbitant amount of time and energy on getting basic needs met, finding and maintaining relationships, careers, health, safety, well-being, happiness, and even “spiritual” pursuits, all the while fighting the system that is designed to support our ultimate happiness. The human soul is an incredibly powerful, emotion-driven creation, yet most of society is terrified of emotions. We put great efforts into buffering, ignoring, avoiding, judging, suppressing, hiding, and overriding emotions; it is a great wonder we manage to function at all. What little emotional expression we do allow is often experienced in a way that is damaging to all involved, so we assume it is best to avoid emotions all together.

In the chapters covering the process of emotional release, you will see that emotions are nothing to be judged or feared. Human beings are created to perfectly handle all emotions without harm to bodies or souls. It is when we suppress emotions that we run into every physical, mental and emotional illness that we see on this planet. How to compassionately and efficiently release unloving emotions from the soul is a critical part of growing the soul in love, and I will offer what I can to complement what Jesus and Mary have detailed in over a thousand hours of free resources they offer. The insights and suggestions I make will be more of the variety of what not to do, since I got stuck in several common pitfalls, but I hope in sharing them, you will be able to get to the heart of your personal issues more easily and heal them.

The soul is always working perfectly in concert with the loving laws of the universe to nudge us towards love; we just don’t recognize those nudges when they come in the form of pain, suffering, disappointment, diseases, etc. We think that these “bad” or “stressful” situations and events are happening to us because the world is messed up. We think the problem is something or someone outside of us. We think this way because we don’t know the power of our own soul. The soul is God’s supreme creation within an extraordinary system; it all works together to help us heal and grow towards love, truth and God.

We are so fortunate to have the messengers here to share what they have learned personally of Divine Truth and the human soul as they have explored the highest known spheres of the Celestial Heavens. It will become more and more clear as we learn about Divine Truth that the evolution of the human soul is most powerfully affected, healed and transformed by receiving the amazing substance of God’s Love. If we are willing to make a relationship with God the highest priority in our existence, then we will come to experience our highest potential, our most passionate desires and our greatest joys. We could choose to continue wallowing in ignorance and resistance for as long as we can stand the consequences of doing so, but doesn’t it make sense to step, as soon as possible, onto the only road that takes us where, deep down, we have always wanted to go?

The full potential of the human soul is one of the few true mysteries, but what is known is that the soul is designed to continually grow in its capacity and understanding of love. We often say that God is infinite love; what that means to us is that we will always have more to learn about love and the power it holds. Our life on Earth is only the beginning, the infancy, of a journey towards love that, with God as our teacher, can hardly be imagined.


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