Chapter 3 – The Reality of Divine Truth

When I was considering the title for this book, I imagined it with a subtitle. Here is what I have come up with recently:

The Truth

– A beginner’s perspective on what could be the
most important information a person will ever learn

If you haven’t been following along this series, I suggest that you start at the beginning and read the preceding chapters:

The Truth – Introduction

Chapter 1 – The Basics

Chapter 2 – The Messengers

and now…

Chapter Three

The Reality of Divine Truth


With all the greed, corruption, lies, destruction and violence that we see today, it is obvious that humanity is well off the mark of love. Our world often feels like a dangerous, chaotic and hopeless mess—and it would be if we were left to rely on our wits alone. Fortunately, that is not the case; the reality is, we are immersed in and protected by a structure of absolutely infallible and loving truth that governs every aspect of life and is called Divine Truth or Absolute Truth. As much as we try to ignore and fight this loving authority, we are always held securely within its arms and always being led, though sometimes so slowly we cannot perceive its influence, towards love, peace, and joy. We may not believe anything is powerful enough to turn around this mess we have created, but love is, and Divine Truth will show us how. Continue reading “Chapter 3 – The Reality of Divine Truth”

Chapter 2 – The Messengers

We continue the journey of The Truth with the Introduction,  Chapter 1 – The Basics, and now…

Chapter Two

The Messengers

The vital truth that I am attempting to introduce in this book has been available to humanity for as long as we have existed; we just haven’t really—at the sincere soul-level—wanted it, because the truth is going to tell us that—if we want a life of complete well-being, love, knowledge, abundance, loving creativity and joy that we all desire—we will be required to change, and change is something most of us don’t do without good reason. Continue reading “Chapter 2 – The Messengers”

The Truth – Introduction

Over the last year, I have been growing a desire to write a book about Divine Truth. Several folks have asked me if there is a book they can read that would introduce them to Divine Truth instead of watching videos. There are some great supplemental books I recommend that are listed in the column to the right of my posts, and wonderful transcriptions of the lectures that Jesus and Mary and their team offer, but no comprehensive introductory books that I know of. And some people just simply like books. I am one of those people. I like a book that I can refer back to, mark up, scribble notes in its margins, mark good parts with post-its, and keep extra copies around to hand to people who want to read about what the man and woman claiming to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene are really about. Continue reading “The Truth – Introduction”