Chapter 1 – The Basics

If you have given any sincere attention to a spiritual journey, you have probably recognized that true spirituality is about love. You may recognize that all the best things in life are about love. What you may not yet realize is that the whole structure and design of the universe in which we live is also about love, and it plays a far more essential role in our lives than we can currently imagine…


[Last month we started the journey of The Truth—A beginner’s perspective of what could be the most important information a person will ever learn with the Introduction. If you haven’t read that first, I suggest that you do. Now we get into the chapters. Enjoy.]

Chapter One

The Basics

If you have given any sincere attention to a spiritual journey, you have probably recognized that true spirituality is about love. You may recognize that all the best things in life are about love. What you may not yet realize is that the whole structure and design of the universe in which we live is also about love, and it plays a far more essential role in our lives than we realize. When we are out of harmony with love, the effects are tremendously destructive to us and everything around us. Love is the key to everything, yet, clearly, humanity has much to learn on the subject. I hope this book will illuminate for you the reality of love, how essential it is to our total existence, and why the choice to understand and embrace love as God defines it and to develop a relationship with our Creator are the two most important decisions we can ever make as we evolve as human souls. On Earth, we are taught tragically inaccurate information about both love and God due to the influence of religions, long-held false beliefs, and pervasive emotional injuries. We desperately need the truth. And, as you will see, the truth is far more extraordinary and wonderful than anything you have been taught before.

Many of us have made efforts to become more loving people by taking better care of ourselves, being more generous and kind, eating vegan food, meditating, praying, supporting organic agriculture, bringing our own shopping bags to the grocery store, recycling, composting, seeking counseling for our anger issues, volunteering at homeless shelters, adopting disadvantaged children, building homes with natural materials, donating money to good causes, etc. These are loving actions, and it is good to do them, but loving actions alone are often just a façade or at best a Band Aid applied to a wound that has lost its ability to heal. Loving actions alone not do not have the power to permanently heal our many sufferings nor to create the kind of change we need on this planet. The power to transform our lives and our world will only come from healing and growing love within the human soul.

Some of us have intuited that love must be the answer to our problems, but we have had a dismal time applying it to our lives. We still struggle and suffer in life, still get depressed and angry, still get illnesses and diseases, still have unfulfilling relationships. In our society, lack of basic needs, threat, injustice and violence are rampant. You know well our shortcomings. Clearly, we haven’t figured out how to fully capture the elusive healer called love and are missing vital keys to true health and happiness. In this book, I will attempt to show you that, indeed, every form of human suffering is due to an issue of love that, once understood, can be corrected and healed.

Part of our struggle to experience love’s full potential is that we humans have a grossly distorted idea of what love actually is. We do many things we believe are loving that are in fact—from God’s perspective—entirely contrary to love, then wonder at the painful results. Even those of us who believe we are good, kind people, are, in many aspects of our lives, living in total opposition to some very powerful laws of love. The truth about humanity and our universe, known as Divine Truth, is not based on love from an earthly perspective; it is about love from the absolute perspective—the perspective of the one supreme authority on love in existence: the being I call God. God’s view of love is perfect, and some of God’s perspective can, as you will soon find out, be very confronting, but it is also the key to every person’s ultimate happiness and wellbeing.

Even before humans existed, God put into place a perfect system to teach us about Her view of love. It is a complex yet simple and entirely loving system that does not fail. The issues we have in our lives and on our planet are actually the inevitable results of humanity choosing to live in opposition to God’s perfect system. God did not create any of the problems of the world. We did. And God, as the all-knowing parent that She is, made provisions for this possibility, and may even have known that we would do this—mistakes happen when inexperienced beings are given freedom to explore. Fortunately, God is wise and loving enough to devise built-in mechanisms to prevent us from destroying ourselves completely as we are each gently yet firmly guided to learn God’s perspective of love. And we will learn; we just get to choose the timing. How long do we want to remain unloving, unhappy and in pain?

The human race has innumerable and complex issues to correct. The logical first step is to dismantle the foundation of errors, the misinformation upon which the diseased structure has been built and replace it with a solid foundation of truth. This truth, Divine Truth, is what we have needed to begin that process. And it is up to us to engage it. God is not going to clean up this mess for us. A good parent wants his children to learn from their mistakes and take responsibility for correcting them, and God is that perfect parent.

Accepting the Truth and making the personal changes required to align with love, though simple in concept, will have its challenges. Truth always feels confronting when it hits error, and humanity is full of error. The fact is, we are mistaken about almost everything important in human existence: the purpose of life, God, childhood, parenthood, love, relationships, happiness, governance, work, illness, disease, aging, our earth existence, “death,” heaven, and much more.

Are you ready to start acknowledging and correcting your mistakes and start learning about the full reality of love? Or will you choose to be a stubborn, rebellious child who refuses to acknowledge errors, blames others, and is unwilling to change? If we refuse change, we will continue on a road of destruction and remain subject to the default set of laws that are currently causing us so much pain. Eventually that pain will become unbearable at which time we will feel compelled to choose differently; love does win in the end. We just have to decide if we want to learn about love the hard way—by default—or welcome love into our lives in much more logical, efficient, enjoyable and loving ways.

There are actually two loving ways to bring healing to humanity and our world. One way, sometimes called the Natural Love Path is a learning process available to humans who do not sincerely desire God in their lives. It is a journey that focuses on intellect, loving actions, ethics and morality. These are important steps in the right direction, but this path offers only limited joy in its outcome and can take a long time, subjecting its subscribers to hundreds and even thousands of years of unnecessary pain as errors are unraveled one at a time. Often people go down this road because they have inaccurate conceptions about God and the human soul or are unaware of the tremendous benefits of developing a personal relationship with God.

The second path of healing involves God on what becomes a very intimate level. When an individual desires an emotional connection with God, many blessings become available, including the opportunity for on-going receipt of the two most precious gifts we can ever receive: God’s Truth and God’s personal Love. These two gifts, which come with a sincere and passionate relationship with God, initiate the profoundly emotional and efficient journey of healing called God’s Way or the Divine Love Path. This God-centered path of healing, growing and learning involves higher, more refined laws of love. A person who chooses God’s Way, not only heals their earthly errors in the most efficient and loving way possible, but also gives to themselves the incomparably joyful and eternally expanding gift of a relationship with God.

Of the two ways of healing, the Natural Love Path and God’s Way, we will be focusing on the latter, God’s Way, because it is far more efficient and its outcome in comparison is like the brightness of the sun compared to a candle. God’s Way is a journey of profound healing and growth in love, and it will be challenging for many reasons which we will explore. But even the most damaged and discouraged individual is likely, after being exposed to Divine Truth and God’s Way, to realize that no less than an extraordinarily loving God could have created such an amazing system, and I would be astonished if even the most God-resistant individual didn’t start to open their heart to our amazing Creator.

Divine Truth is not a religion, but it does have a great deal to do with God because, as you will learn, God plays the most powerful and vital role in our ultimate happiness. In writing about God, I will frequently refer to God using either the feminine or masculine pronoun, simply because our language does not have a pronoun that represents the perfect balance of feminine and masculine qualities that God exemplifies. I tend to use the feminine pronoun more because it is more likely to confront the current tendency towards a masculine perspective of God.

With all that has been discovered about Divine Truth, we do not know everything, especially about God. If God really is infinite, there will always be more to know. One thing we can do to learn about our loving Creator in a way we can understand is to study Her creations. We can learn a great deal about God, God’s nature, personality, attributes, intentions, views and creations by experimenting, observing and sharing with each other. This is what millions of passionately loving and pioneering souls like the messengers are doing, and because of their efforts, we now have an evolved understanding of Divine Truth. In this book, we will focus on God’s pinnacle of creation: the human. We will explore the truth about us, our universe, how we can live harmony with the truths and laws that guide our existence, and how we can develop a personal relationship with God.

God loves every one of us—regardless of our belief systems or our failings. We are all offered the same immensely loving laws that guarantee our growth in love. You may be Atheist or devoutly religious, you may be a murderer or a “saint”—it doesn’t matter. We are all governed by the same laws, are all perfectly capable of experiencing the love and joy that those laws guarantee, and we all need a thorough education on how to do that.

On occasion I will make references to the Bible or other spiritual resources because I come from a Catholic background, readers are often familiar with them, and these sources can offer helpful examples—even if many of the examples are of errors. Divine Truth is not a religion and is not based on any earthly books, belief systems, or concepts about God. It is fact based on irrefutable evidence that is available to every person who progresses through the dimensions of love (whether on Earth or in the spirit world) and will, frankly, be quite confronting to almost every current spiritual belief. If you already believe in God, you are not necessarily at an advantage over those who don’t, especially if the God you believe in is the mercurial God portrayed in religions. You will be shown the truth about God, human beings, and the universe, and the truth has a way of rocking even the well-fortified boat of the most “righteous” among us.


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