Chapter 6 – Our Multidimensional Universe – Beyond Earth

During our time on Earth, most of us are ignorant of the fact that we are more than just physical beings living an Earthly life; we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional universe. Even while we have our feet planted firmly on this physical planet Earth, our multidimensional reality is far more integral to our existence than we realize.

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The Truth

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Chapter Six

Our Multidimensional Universe—Beyond Earth

During our time on Earth, most of us are ignorant of the fact that we are more than just physical beings living an Earthly life; we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional universe. Even while we have our feet planted firmly on this physical planet Earth, our multidimensional reality is far more integral to our existence than we currently realize. 

Remember from “Chapter Four—Introducing the Human Soul” that even while we are experiencing ourselves in our physical body, our soul simultaneously remains within the Soul Universe in connection with our soulmate. We also have ongoing experiences in other dimensions when we go to sleep at night, some of which we may remember as dreams. But another multidimensional influence that affects us every day of our waking lives of which we are largely unaware is the ongoing influence of spirits—human beings who have “died” and continue life in their spirit body. These spirits can and do interact with us every moment of our lives and, thus, greatly influence our thoughts, creativity, inspiration, energy, guidance, emotions, events, well-being, as well as our suffering. 

Some of these spirits are very loving, helpful and protective, like our personal spirit guides and guardian angels. God assigns these loving, generous and patient beings to look out for each and every one of us regardless of our spiritual beliefs. These loving spirits and God, too, desire to love us, guide us, and offer us very useful information that could be very beneficial not only to our own lives, but to the lives of many other people. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to communicate with loving spirits or receive the gifts they have to offer because we lack the development and the associated emotional sensitivity of our soul to perceive spirits and their messages accurately. Sadly, this causes many people to feel alone, insignificant, and uncared for, which is far from the truth.

When we remain insensitive to spirits, we miss out the gifts from loving spirits, but we also we leave ourselves open to other spirits who have poor development in love and cause a wide range of unfortunate influences upon us. Sadly, many spirits enjoy taking advantage of our ignorance and wreak havoc on our lives—sometimes just for the “fun” of it, to control and manipulate people so they can feel more powerful themselves or get addictions met through the physical person. Other times outright evil spirits are determined to carry out personal vendettas against people on Earth who they feel “deserve” their wrath. Many suicides, for example, are instigated by murderous spirits hell-bent on destroying certain individuals or particular groups of people. These spirits drop thoughts and feelings into a person’s mind or possess them outright until the person succumbs to their evil suggestions. Interestingly, some spirits that we would imagine to be supportive of us, like a kind grandmother, parent, or sibling may cause trouble in our lives because they too have many misconceptions about what is truly loving and how their influence will affect us. A kindly grandfather, for example, may make it his life’s mission to look after his grandson, but if that grandfather died because of the suppressed emotions that cause leukemia, the grandson is very likely to contract leukemia as well due to the influence of the grandfather’s suppressed emotions upon the susceptible youngster. The damaging influences that spirits have upon physical people is astounding. I highly recommend reading the book, Thirty Years Among the Dead, by Dr. Carl A. Wickland (1861-1945), who from 1909-1918 was the chief psychiatrist at the National Psychopathic Institute of Chicago. He documented thirty years’ worth of cases and shares dozens in this book of patients who were healed of their mental and physical ailments by addressing the spirits involved in the difficulties.

We are largely ignorant of this multidimensional influence upon our lives. Once again, our general lack of emotional development is severely limiting the understanding and enjoyment of our human experience. But as we develop our souls in love, we automatically become more sensitive to truth, love, God, and the billions of spirits living in these other dimensions. We become able to use our own soul to feel and therefore read the soul of another, whether that person is a physical person or a spirit. We will nevermore be deceived by flowery words and deeds offered by spirits driven by a dark soul and deceptive intentions. Reading the soul of a person enables us not only to perceive their true development in love, but also their thoughts, intentions, feelings, and even their history. We will become adept at telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. The soul uses the language of love and emotion to provide us a treasure of information and emotional understanding that cannot be comprehended with such completeness or accuracy any other way. This is why God communicates to us in this way. 

A person who is a natural medium or psychic does not, however, necessarily have a soul that is more developed in love. Their extra-sensory perceptions are simply the results of emotions that allow them to perceive what most of us have shut down. Most of us have to clear these pathways to perception as we clear away emotional damage in general. A natural psychic just didn’t have those specific blockages to extra-sensory perception though they may have many other emotional errors. Many of today’s psychics and mediums are, in fact, frequently deceived by spirits they interact with because the psychic is not well developed in love and thus relies on words and a certain emotional rapport (ie spirits who emotionally agree with them) without being aware of their own emotional errors and or the emotional condition and intention of the spirit communicating with them. 

Developing our souls in love takes time and effort, but the benefits are many and wonderful. If we can learn to support the soul’s emotional nature, instead of fighting it, we will transform our human experience. In terms of our multidimensional perceptions, imagine being able to communicate accurately with highly developed, loving spirits and God too! Imagine all the beneficial information and guidance we could accurately receive and share for the benefit of everyone! Every one of us has the capacity to live the kind of life we currently attribute only to uniquely gifted people or super-heroes. And it all hinges on our choice to emotionally develop our soul in love.

But, as you know, the denial and suppression of emotions is the norm on Earth, so the vast majority of us are going to have to go through some pretty challenging adjustments as we come to realize the emotional foundation of our soul and how things work in our multidimensional home. Many of us on Earth believe we are fine without emotional development, even when the Laws of the universe are trying to show us otherwise. We manage our Earthly lives to avoid and minimize emotions, and if we are “lucky,” we may have what we consider a good life. We insist that our suffering is due to any number of causes other than the suppressed emotions within our soul. But our evaluation of our life on Earth is often in stark contrast to God’s evaluation because our understanding of the human soul, love and God are so limited and distorted. When we “die” and get to the spirit world, we are ushered much more forcefully to awaken to God’s perspective. We will start to experience, in a much more tangible and personal way, the reality of our emotional soul and the authoritative role of love within our multidimensional universe. 

Earth offered us infantile humans great freedom, grace, and buffered consequences so we could have the opportunity to make choices and discoveries based on our own volition. The spirit world is not like that. If we continued to be coddled and offered buffered consequences like on Earth, such treatment would impede our development and, instead, encourage us to become spoiled and more deeply entrenched in our errors. When we “die” and enter the spirit world, it is time for more advanced learning which includes what turns out to be for most people a very confronting reality check.

At “death,” the physical body that had buffered us from the impact of our denied emotions is now gone. We suddenly find ourselves in the spirit body which is much more sensitive to the buried and error-based emotions we have been trying to deny for the duration of our Earth life. Being a spirit in a poor development in love—which the vast majority of newly discarnate humans are—can be very uncomfortable to agonizingly painful, depending on how much sin is in the soul. 

This transition to our spirit body is a phenomenally important step towards the truth of our personal soul condition and the reality of our true soul-based, emotion-based nature as human beings. For most of us—because of our resistance to the emotional basis of our soul—this transition is likely to be the single greatest challenge for us as we graduate from our infancy on Earth to our childhood in the spirit world.  It will become apparent soon enough that we have much to learn about our human soul and much to unlearn from our experience on Earth. We might as well get used to the idea that we are all beginning learners on a very long and potentially infinite journey of discovery. 


Let’s look in more detail at the structure and design of our universe, so we know where we fit into the scheme of things, where we are headed, and how it works.

Modern science recognizes that our universe is constantly changing. Scientists have been able to prove mathematically that it is continuously expanding [2]. This assessment is correct, but there is much more to it; our universe is expanding in ways and with purpose that is not yet comprehended by Earthly scientists because science has neglected to factor in the powerful influence of the human soul

Every time a new human being incarnates into this physical dimension, that soul has a multidimensional effect upon the matrix of the universe, well beyond its impact within the physical dimension. Each human soul has its own unique signature of personality, nature, development in love, and desires—all of which is constantly developing and changing. So, our Creator designed this multidimensional universe to respond to, accommodate, and adjust to every nuance of these dynamic human souls so that we are always supported in our growth towards love. 

The universe in which we live currently contains the physical dimension that we are familiar with as well as an additional thirty-six metaphysical dimensions of reality. These dimensions of reality, also known as spheres, each express a distinct level of love. The level of love within a sphere is determined by the development of love (or lack of development) of the human beings residing in that sphere. These different spheres are where we live in the spirit world and where we live when our physical bodies are asleep at night. They are loving environments that accommodate each one of us perfectly, according to our soul’s current development in love and immediate requirements for education, healing, and evolution. Each sphere contains a wide variety of natural formations, landscapes and locations for people to live and interact just like Earth does, except that the entire contents of a sphere is reflective of the development of love of its residents. In the first sphere, for example, where the level of love is very low, many inhabitants will live in caves or very basic structures. Exact locations within that sphere are determined by the Law of Attraction, which we will be discussing later.

Each sphere has a boundary of love that makes it impossible to pass (without help) into the next highest sphere until the person qualifies with the emotional development of love required for that sphere. Spirits can travel to any location within a sphere or between spheres that is equal to or lower than their own soul condition. On occasion, a spirit of greater development will accompany a spirit of lesser development into a higher sphere for educational purposes, for example, but it would only be for a temporary visit.

The entire multidimensional universe is designed to ensure that every human soul will progress in love, albeit sometimes a soul will progress very slowly or with a need for degradation before actual progression resumes. As a spirit progresses in love, they will transition from one sphere to the next higher one, with each higher sphere being brighter and more beautiful than the previous one. Similarly, a physical person who progresses in love will also progress to higher and higher spheres where they go during their sleep state and may recall as dreams. Every time a spirit progresses, (whether the person lives permanently in their spirit body or is temporarily in their spirit body during the sleep state) they will be gifted with a new, more beautiful home in the higher sphere that reflects their growth in love.

The thirty-six dimensions of reality we currently have did not always exist. Over the course of human history, they have come into existence (and are in constant formation) due to the powerful interaction of individual human souls and God’s laws of creation. Each of these thirty-six spheres have been created as a result of either the development or the degradation of individual human souls with respect to love. As a soul develops in love beyond what has been achieved before, a new higher sphere comes into existence to accommodate that soul. In the same way, if a soul degrades markedly in condition more than any previous soul, a new lower sphere is created to accommodate them as well. Initially a soul may have an entire dimension to itself until others who match that soul-condition arrive. 

When our universe was first created and before the advent of human souls living on the planet, the only dimensions that existed were the Soul Universe and the physical universe. And both of these were in perfect harmony with God’s definition of love, the state of perfect natural love. Earth and all the other similarly habitable physical planets were pristine environments of perfect love, safety, beauty and abundance—quintessential Edens for the perfect human souls about to populate them. The earliest metaphysical dimension of the spirit world came into being as soon as the first human soul caused the interaction of God’s Laws that initiated it. This original human soul-mate couple, whose names are not Adam and Eve, but rather Aman and Amon [3], arrived in a state of perfected natural love that matched their new Earthly home. Aman and Amon had the opportunity to desire a relationship with the Being Who created their souls and all the Earthly wonders that surrounded them, but they chose, instead, to become self-reliant and deny a relationship with God, resulting in the deterioration of their soul and the creation of new spirit world dimensions that continued to match their degrading soul condition. 

Each succeeding generation, hindered by the emotional errors inherited by their ancestors and compounded by their own unloving choices, continued this deterioration in the soul condition of the human race as a whole. Humanity degraded to an animalistic existence which, because the soul is the basis of all genetics, distorted their morphology and resulted in the ape-like features found in prehistoric human bones. Thus, the first new dimensions ever to be created in this universe were five lower metaphysical dimensions resulting from this massive decline in human soul conditions. 

Ancient spiritual prophets and leaders like Mohammad and Buddha inspired humanity towards the original state of natural love (the sixth sphere) again, but it was not until Jesus received enough Divine Love into his soul to become At One with God that new dimensions above the original state of natural love were created. Jesus initiated the spheres up to the 10th dimension during his Earth life and every sphere up to the thirty-sixth sphere over the following two thousand years in the Celestial Heavens.

Like Aman and Amon, all souls are created by God in a state of perfect natural love, the same perfected state of love that is now called the sixth sphere in today’s universe (due to all the lower spheres needed to accommodate damaged souls). Souls who have yet to incarnate remain in that pristine state for the duration of their stay in the Soul Universe. It is when they are drawn to Earth during the moment of conception that they are impacted by the emotional environment of their new surroundings and begin their rapid decline in soul condition to match their environment. Our mothers have the greatest impact upon our developing souls, followed by others in close proximity to us, like fathers and siblings, as well as the general condition of the Earth environment, which currently is very poor in its development of love. By the time a soul leaves its mother’s womb at birth, the soul has degraded from the perfect natural love state of the sixth sphere down to approximately the equivalent of the second sphere, which in comparison is much more pure than the rest of us, and is why newborns are often perceived as the pure and radiant little beings that they are. After birth, the child is quickly affected by additional projections, expectations, judgements, emotional and physical abuse, and—the most damaging of all—the demand for the child to withhold its emotions, all of which quickly bring the child’s soul condition down until it is in harmony with the unloving environment of its Earthly home. Then, of course, the child starts making decisions of its own based on this faulty foundation to further compound the errors in its soul. 

By the time life on Earth is over, approximately 99+% of humanity has degraded their souls to a condition equivalent to one of the lower levels of the first sphere of the thirty-six that exist. Jesus states, “most people on Earth have no idea how much they’re going to get a shock… the truth is that if we knew how much we were going to get a shock, the majority of us would want to change now rather than later…” [4]. It is tremendously helpful to awaken to the truth of the errors we have embodied during our Earth experience and get used to the idea that many foundational beliefs we have held throughout our lives will need to change as we progress on our human journey. 

This first sphere has many levels of delineation within it, which makes sense considering how many spirits live there, each having their own unique set of emotional injuries and corresponding needs for education and healing. Some of these first sphere levels we would consider peaceful and beautiful. One such location at the highest level of the first sphere is called Summerland and is where many aborted and young children go when they pass. Aborted children can receive a great deal of soul damage due to the emotional injuries of the parents who choose to kill their child, but they receive a great deal of love, support and re-education in Summerland so they can heal and progress, as do young children who’s short lives are mainly damaged by their family environment rather than their own choices. Physical damage, including genetic defects, inflicted onto an innocent individual by others will be immediately attended to and lovingly released in a healing process [5]. Emotional damage, even when that emotional damage was primarily caused by another, is more complicated and takes time. And of course, any damage that we, ourselves, have caused will be our responsibility to work through and correct, a process that will be detailed later in this book and which can take many years.

The lower levels of the first sphere are typically dark, cold, bleak, smelly, and slimy. And its inhabitants are often in varying degrees of emotional and physical pain. These lower levels of the first sphere are often called the Hells but are not as depicted in the Bible or other religious texts because no one is ever condemned to eternal, fiery torment. These are locations where individuals go who have degraded their souls severely, yet this degraded condition is a lot more common than you may imagine. As I have mentioned before, our earthly definition of love is often in direct opposition to God’s definition, so our development in love is typically far less than we personally believe it is. People who adamantly believe they lived a good, even “righteous,” life will discover first-hand that our Earthly definitions of “good,” “righteous,” or “loving” are quite distorted compared to God’s definitions. 

The purpose of an appropriate location in the spirit world is for the benefit of the individual and all others as well. These changes to our sensitivity, spirit-body appearance, and environment is not to punish—God does not punish—but rather to demonstrate to the person the impact that their soul has on themselves and everything (and everyone) around them. Spirits in a degraded soul condition who live in these locations will experience emotional confrontation, pain, spirit-body distortions corresponding to specific unloving emotions, and a degraded environment all precisely and lovingly pointing to the errors that need healing. As soon as a person starts to desire the truth of their condition or starts to feel the emotions at the root of their emotional errors, things can begin to change. As soon as the person sincerely desires help, it is given. As soon as they start to work through their emotional damage and become more loving, their emotional pain, spirit-body appearance, environment, and level of pain, will improve and continue to improve in exact proportion to their growth in love. And because of the etheric nature of the spirit world, changes are experienced immediately, thus providing important feedback and encouragement for the individual.

One of the most damaging belief systems carried to the spirit world from Earth is that of eternal damnation. This tragic falsity causes millions of spirits to remain in the hells of the first sphere because they believe that hell is their eternal, hopeless fate. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our Creator is a being of absolute love who loves every one of Her children and wants each of us to experience the full extent of Her love and gifts. No matter how many mistakes we have made in the past, we are all offered the same laws of love that guarantee healing and progression in love. But if we are ignorant of what is available to us, we will not know to desire it. If we are full of shame or arrogance, we will not desire or be open to assistance. Eventually these blocks to desire, change, and healing will crumble, but for those embroiled in the arrogance, shame, or hopelessness so commonly caused by religions, it can take many years of torment before loving change is welcome. As you can imagine, the individuals responsible for perpetuating such wide-spread and damaging false beliefs will find themselves in some pretty dark and miserable places when they pass. But they too will one day work their way out of the hells and into the light of understanding. 

On occasion, a person on Earth will reach a relatively significant development in love and will pass into the second sphere. Very few historically have ever passed into the third sphere [6]. Hopefully, readers, this will alert you to the reality of the general condition of development of humanity on Earth at this time and help you make sense of where you find yourself when your time comes.

We have spoken of the different spheres where people live in the spirit world, but there is another low-level dimension occupied by billions of spirits who either didn’t quite get to their first home in the spirit world or didn’t go to their spirit home because they have a strong desire to maintain interactions with people on Earth. This location is Earth’s equivalent metaphysical dimension; it occupies the same location as Earth, but in the non-physical dimension and is referred to as the Earth plane [7]. Spirits who reside there are called Earth-bound spirits. This dimensional plane is experienced by spirits as a dark, bleak and uncomfortable version of Earth because its atmosphere is affected by the very poor condition of love of Earth’s physical and non-physical inhabitants (the Earth-bound spirits themselves) and because of the sensitive nature of the spirit body as I have mentioned. 

At our time of “death,” if we remain in this Earth plane instead of desiring to face the truth of our soul and proceed to our home in the spirit world, we are likely to continue our downward journey until we are ready to make some significant changes and start releasing the emotional causes of our condition. But when we are ready for that change, abundant and loving support is available for our soul’s potentially endless journey of progression.

Spirits are Earth-bound for a number of reasons. On the less offensive end of the spectrum, it is common for spirits to end up there because they had a sudden death, haven’t realized they are dead, or didn’t recognize that people offering help were actually guiding spirits wanting to take them to their home in the spirit world (where the discarnate individuals would have a better chance of healing and receiving help). Some were taught by their religion that they were supposed to be with Jesus in Heaven when they died, yet what they are experiencing in the afterlife is nothing close to that, so they refuse to believe, at least for a while, that they are dead. Some, when they died, may have felt they belonged in hell, so may have rejected anyone trying to tell them anything different. Some have a determination to stay connected to their spouse, family, business or other Earthly interests. Some don’t want to let go of Earth and may believe they have a mission to help someone, correct something or to seek revenge. Whatever the details, these spirits believe that interacting with those of us on Earth is the priority. Some may believe they have good intentions behind their desire to stay connected with Earth, but all spirits who have passed and are in a poor condition of love will have damaging effects on the people on Earth they interact with, even if they belief that they love those people. It is always best for spirits to avoid the Earth plane and go with helping spirits who desire to take them to their appropriate home in the spirit world. 

Then there are a whole group of spirits who have purely evil intentions and use the metaphysical Earth plane to purposely take advantage of people and/or destroy them. These spirits are often people who had evil intentions on Earth and just want to continue sinning. These spirits are embroiled in their addictions and will do whatever it takes to get their addictions met through their connections with people on Earth. These can be addictions to Alcohol, drugs, marijuana, sex, abuse, as well as the desire to control, manipulate, have power over, and outright destroy people on Earth. Tremendous evil occurs in the Earth plane and we are all greatly affected by it. Our governments and many other power-centered groups are under the influence of these evil beings. 

Keep in mind, however, that evil spirits can only affect us when we refuse to emotionally address the hooks that they have with us. People on Earth who seek power over others and are willing to ignore the destructive consequences of that desire will welcome evil spirits willing to help them in that endeavor, even if those spirits encourage actions that cause the deaths of millions of people. People who resist taking responsibility in their lives will welcome spirits who want to take over that person’s will, which can result in a spirit possession. People who refuse to deal with their anger will welcome spirits who help them attack others and feel justified in doing so. People who are terrified of spirits and are unwilling to work through that terror will attract spirits who enjoy terrorizing them. The list goes on. 

Why has God designed the spirit world to have an Earth plane where so many evil and lost spirits are free to wreak havoc on us? For the same reasons that we can have an evil person on Earth doing the same thing. 

Firstly, God has given all of us Free Will. But, you might say, “spirits are allowed to do it without our awareness—that’s not fair!” This is where we need to, again, look at our responsibility in this situation. God designed the universe and souls to be able to interact with awareness, but we have chosen to remain numb to this ability because of our choice to not feel. We have set ourselves up for this current unfortunate situation and it is our responsibility to correct it. You are beginning the process of correction by learning these truths and engaging the process of healing your soul. 

Secondly, the emotional state of our soul is what attracts specific spirits to us (through the Law of Attraction which we will discuss in detail later). We will attract spirits who have those same or complementary emotional errors, and when they are around us, our errors become magnified. This allows us (and the spirit with us) to become more aware of the truth of our soul and to feel more intensely the emotions that need to be felt in order to release them. If we take the responsible action to feel and release the emotions, it helps the spirits attracted to us as well because they can see the positive effects upon our soul.

Spirits who are enmeshed in evil do not get away with their actions and intensions without consequences. All souls who sin, whether they are in a physical or spirit body, will experience painful and debilitating consequences to any action or intention that is evil. Eventually, evil spirits become weary of their actions or suffer too much pain and degradation to continue. When that happens, they finally give up and finally open to receiving the assistance to begin their redirection towards love instead of evil. 


So, when you become a spirit and your spirit body has pain and initially looks terrible, don’t lose hope or be hard on yourself; all of us Earthlings are taught huge errors about love and are all damaged—and we can all heal. Learning about the reality of Divine Truth, as you are doing by simply reading this book, will help immensely—even if you don’t engage it until you get to the spirit world—because you will at least have this information in your memory and the knowledge of how to release the damage from your soul and progress in love. You may reject aspects of this book now, aspects that are too confronting to your current beliefs, but when you get to the spirit world, you will see the reality of this truth and understand why many of us are so passionate about getting this information out to the world.

As you spend time in the spirit world healing and growing in love, you will release damaging emotions and start attracting all the amenities of life that bring fulfillment and joy to your life as a spirit just like they did to your physical life: friends, loved ones, your soulmate, beloved pets, nice houses, cities, country sides, mountains, oceans, gardens, animals, birds, music, books, and any service to others, hobbies, activities, and livelihoods that are in harmony with love. With each major step in your progression, you will celebrate an expanded life as you move from one higher, more refined, more beautiful, more loving dimension to the next.

In the first chapter of this book, I described the two possible paths of human evolution: the Natural Love Path (progression without God) and the Divine Love Path (progression with God or God’s Way). The Natural Love Path is essentially the default path that everyone is on unless they develop a passionate desire for God and desire to grow their soul by longing for God’s personal Divine Love—the most transformative substance a human soul can ever receive. 

Those individuals who choose to progress along the Natural Love Path (without God) can only progress to the perfect natural love state of the sixth sphere. It is a wonderful, loving, and beautiful place where its inhabitants have removed the effects of error-based emotions, often through great effort over many years, by focusing primarily on intellect, ethics, morality, and service. Spirits may spend many years exploring the opportunities available in the sixth sphere but eventually begin to feel like they are missing out on something yet are unable to identify what it is. They feel that there is a way to progress further but have not sought out how to do it. If they eventually learn about God’s Way, which is a more emotional journey compared to the intellectual-based journey they had been on, it can be difficult for them because they need to go back to some of the lower spheres to reconnect with their emotions and grow their longing for God.

A person who desires a connection with God and chooses to progress God’s Way will experience no such stagnation at the sixth dimension and will continue to progress into the seventh dimension, which is a place of transition and preparation for the monumental expansion of love found in the eighth dimension, the first sphere of God’s Kingdom also known as the Celestial Heavens or the Kingdom of Heaven.

All the dimensions from the eighth onward are the true heavens and are the home of angels. Despite all the dogma and folklore about angels, the simple truth is that all angels are people who have progressed in love to at least the level of at-one-ment with God like Jesus did in the first century and which occurs in the eighth sphere. That condition is where a passionate desire for love, God and God’s Love has led to the healing of all emotional errors and the reception of God’s personal Divine Love in the soul to where the soul becomes transformed by that Divine Love. Jesus was actually planet Earth’s first real angel, and at the time of his death, he opened the kingdom of heaven, entering into the 10th dimension. All the other “angels” depicted in the Bible and other religious texts were spirits in a condition of love noticeably greater than people on Earth, so they appeared and felt to people on Earth to be very bright, beautiful beings of love that were called angels. These loving beings are likely to have progressed into the Celestial Kingdom in time to become true angels, but not until after Jesus discovered and demonstrated the way to do that, God’s Way. There are many spirits in the lower spheres of the spirit world today claiming to be various angels and “saints,” and many mediums who are very proud to channel them, but the reality is that most of these spirits are not who they claim to be. I will go into details of this issue in later chapters when I discuss mediumship.

Spirits become angels and enter God’s Kingdom in the eighth sphere and, as far as we know, the possibilities for progression (and therefore dimensions) are unlimited. In the 1960’s, when The Fourteen [8] began to arrive on Earth, the highest level of development achieved so far in our universe was the thirty-sixth sphere, and every one of them had reached this level. Angels reaching the thirty-sixth sphere must enter together with their soulmate because entrance into this advanced sphere involves the complete unification of the two halves of the soul. Everything contained in each soul-half— the memories, experiences, knowledge, personality, emotions, personal love and Divine Love—all blend together. This level of development, this unified state, was necessary for The Fourteen who returned to Earth because they desired to duplicate the same process of incarnation that the rest of us go through, where the whole soul splits into two separate physical bodies (which are also accompanied by new spirit bodies). Before they achieved this unification, they felt in their communications with God that it would occur, but it was not until they actually accomplished it that they knew they could return to Earth this way to personally demonstrate the reality of Divine Truth.


I have stated that in order for a person to enter the true Kingdom of Heaven, they must have not only released all emotional errors of love from their soul, but also passionately desire God and received God’s Divine Love into their soul. Many people believe that every person born on this planet has already been given a spark of Divinity by God, and that we just need to remember it or re-awaken it as we progress in love. This is not the case. Let me explain. Firstly, the Divine Love that is required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is the personal love from God that is given when a person has a passionate desire for personal relationship with God. It is different from the form of love that God offers to all living things and different from the love God has for all Her beloved children. This personal Divine Love from God is a very specific and powerful substance that automatically transforms a person’s soul when it is received. 

Secondly, Divine Love is a very emotional gift that expands the soul in love while it brings with it emotional understandings that cannot be comprehended without the reception of it. It can be felt by people on Earth if they are sensitive to it, a sensitivity that actually comes with its reception; often people who have received Divine Love while on Earth can recognize it in each other. In the spirit world, it is easy to see the effect it has on a person. They will appear bigger, brighter, younger, and more beautiful than those who have not received it. Even the chakra systems will change; where once the individual had the well documented system of seven chakras, the person who receives Divine Love into the soul will start to develop thirteen chakras [9]. They will look like a different being than those on the journey of natural love (without God). 

All this transformation is not something God would impose upon Her children. One of God’s greatest gifts is that of Free Will; it is an essential hallmark of love. We must have the choice to give or receive love, or it is not love. And in the case of Divine Love, we have the option to not receive God’s personal Divine Love and all the profound transformation it brings. Certainly we are much better off if we desire God and Her personal Love—remember the example of the candle compared to the sun?—but love requires that the choice is ours. 

If we do desire to evolve God’s Way, we will need to discover our own unique door to God. Maybe you have been one of the rare individuals who has not had emotional damage regarding God and has maintained a connection with this loving Being your whole life. Maybe you have a well-developed intellect and an insatiable curiosity and ache to know the answers to life’s mysteries and are motivated to seek God because the learning possibilities far outweigh any other options. Maybe you are in a lot of emotional or physical pain and want to understand what has caused it so you can heal, and you want God’s help. Maybe you have had a lot of emotional damage with respect to God caused by religions but have been given the spark of hope you need (perhaps from reading this book) to overcome your past and welcome our amazing Creator (and your full human potential) back into your life. Whatever your personal history has been, we all have our unique experiences, injuries and desires that will influence our journey. But if we want the best life possible, we will want to find the door to God so we can receive the full measure of experiences and gifts being offered to us. 


I hope this chapter has opened your eyes to the reality of our greater universe and helped you awaken to the importance of developing your soul in sensitivity and love. As I said in “Chapter Five—The Earth Experience,” our time on Earth is one of much grace and patience, so most of us are quite ignorant of the reality of the chasm between our current soul condition and a soul that is aligned with God’s definition of love, a chasm that will become much more evident when we transition from physicality to our spirit life. But there is no reason to wait until that monumental day to awaken to the reality of this multidimensional universe and the marvelous next steps in our progression towards love. We have the opportunity to start the journey now, on Earth, where individuals learning God’s Truth and receiving God’s Love will be of tremendous benefit to billions of physical and non-physical human souls desperate for truth and love.


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Dear Readers, if any of you are well versed in Divine Truth and read something in these chapters of The Truth that is inaccurate, I would be grateful for your corrections. Similarly, if any of you notice editing errors and want to let me know, that would be great too. I can be contacted at jbrownson at Also a big thank you to those who have and are helping with this effort by offering donations!

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