Chapter 2 – The Messengers

The vital truth that I am attempting to introduce in this book has been available to humanity for as long as we have existed; we just haven’t really—at the sincere soul-level—wanted it, because the truth is going to tell us that—if we want a life of complete well-being, love, knowledge, abundance, loving creativity and joy that we all desire—we will be required to change, and change is something most of us don’t do without good reason…

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The Truth

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Chapter Two

The Messengers

The vital truth that I am attempting to introduce in this book has been available to humanity for as long as we have existed; we just haven’t really—at the sincere soul-level—wanted it, because the truth is going to tell us that—if we want a life of complete well-being, love, knowledge, abundance, loving creativity and joy that we all desire—we will be required to change, and change is something most of us don’t do without good reason.

We will need a healthy dose of motivation and education in order to even consider such an unpopular suggestion. We need to be taught and shown why the move towards God’s view of love is worth the effort, what the supreme view of love actually is, how the human soul and the love-base universe work, the truth about God and what a relationship with God means, and how we can apply this truth to our own lives. We have a lot to learn, and we very much need the help that the messengers are so generously offering to us.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the kind of direct assistance that is here now has been offered to humanity before, but in that earlier attempt, almost all of the transformative truth that would have saved us from our misery was misunderstood, rejected, lost, and corrupted. As you may have guessed, that was approximately 2000 years ago, when Jesus, Yeshua Ben Yosef, shared what he had learned directly from God. But the truth he offered was so contrary to popular beliefs (as it tends to be) that it was poorly understood and over time decayed even further. By the time producers of the Bible added their distortions to the material, the Absolute Truth, also known as Divine Truth or God’s Truth, that Jesus attempted to teach, was barely recognizable. Jesus spoke about love; we twisted it to where it was almost unrecognizable.

At the time of Jesus’s life in the first century, information was kept in stories as well as handwritten script, both of which are susceptible to human as well as natural forces of decay and corruption. In today’s world, we are so fortunate to have dependable technology for accurately recording, archiving and sharing information around the world. Today’s messengers of Divine Truth have taken great care to ensure that this precious information is preserved impeccably and completely so it will remain accurate and available for current and future generations. Even if the information is not accepted, understood or embraced immediately in today’s truth-resistant world, it will be available to all who develop a sincere desire for God’s Truth in coming times.

Before we introduce the messengers of our current millennium, let’s look at history a little more closely. Leading up to Jesus’s arrival in the first century, sensitives of the ages (prophets) had been told by spirits that a messiah was coming to save the people. This prophesy became an integral part of the accepted scriptures of the time; thus, the religious were anticipating the arrival of a messenger—just like people are today—but the man who arrived did not conform to their expectations. Jesus offered the truth, the very truth that, even then, had the capacity to set humanity free from all suffering, but the truth was extremely confronting to their accepted beliefs and customs, and was largely rejected. The political and religious leaders didn’t want Jesus spreading what they considered to be radical and highly disruptive teachings, because, if this truth ever took hold, it would jeopardize their stronghold on the population. This threat to the status quo was the real reason Jesus was killed. The idea that his death was a sacrifice instigated by God to somehow save us from our sins is a supreme profanity against God’s true nature and a statement of our pathetically poor understanding of love.

The Bible is an example of a “holy” book believed by millions to be the “Word of God,” but is, in fact, highly edited, and some of it, where it served the purpose of a control and power-seeking government, was made to be intentionally misleading. The Bible does, however, contain some Divine Truth that Jesus discovered and attempted to share—but only in fragments—and, as a whole, the Bible is far from the infallible divine guide it is claimed to be.

The shortcomings of the Bible, the Koran, and other claimed holy books, while not so visible here on Earth, become much more evident in the spirit world, where the promises of these books are not realized as expected by even their most devout followers. But the issue of inaccurate teachings is not limited to major religions. Every spiritual teaching on the earth is currently wrought with errors, which is evidenced by the millions of people both here and in the spirit world who suffer greatly, even as they follow these supposed truths. Starting from the moment we arrive on Earth, we are impressed upon by a mountain of erroneous beliefs, many of which we not only accept, but often come to cherish. Fortunately, those corruptions of truth cannot withstand the infallible Laws of Love that govern the universe. Eventually, whether it is here on earth, or later, in the spirit world, all errors are exposed and corrected, but it can take thousands of years. Do we want to wait that long? Suffer that long?

Today, we are being offered the truth of our existence once again. What will happen this time? Is history going to repeat itself? My hope is that our desire for the truth about humanity, God, and our universe has grown and is strong enough now to overcome the many potential obstacles. Are we ready, finally, to listen? Our opportunity is here, and, interestingly, the scenario is almost identical. The couple bringing what they call Divine Truth to this planet today are claiming that they are the same soul who brought the truth to Earth in the first century: Jesus and his soulmate, Mary Magdalene (Mary of Magdala).

That is quite a claim, and you may feel a wave of resistance as you read that. Yet, the claimed identity of the messengers is just one example of a reality you will see repeated throughout this book: when Absolute Truth arrives in an environment of error, it is going to feel confronting and sometimes even unbelievable. Many aspects of Divine Truth will, at first, seem difficult to accept. But as more and more of the Absolute Truth is revealed, you will, if you pay attention, start to recognize another theme within this material: the constant demonstrations of love and care that underlie every detail of our existence. Perhaps that will help you to open your heart to the reality of what is being presented to you by these very dedicated teachers.

The couple claiming to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene were born in Australia as Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck. According to their website, [1], Jesus was born March 10, 1963, in Loxton, South Australia, and Mary was born January 2, 1979, in BrisbaneQueensland. They were born to average Australian families and have each had to endure the painful impact of human errors and struggles just like the rest of us, which, in fact, was an essential part of the plan. They explain that as highly evolved beings at the time of this reincarnation, they could have simply chosen to manifest bodies on Earth, but that would not have served the educational purpose of their return. They say they returned to earth, along with 12 others (7 soul pairs in total), in an attempt to demonstrate the extraordinarily loving Divine Truth and the personal Divine Love our Creator has for every one of us. They realize that Divine Truth and their claimed identity will cause much resistance, but their passionate, generous desire to assist humanity compelled them and the others to reincarnate at this time of great need.

It can be difficult for us to resolve issues of resistance like that of the messengers’ identity because of a number of factors having to do with the general as well as individual soul-conditions of humanity on this planet. But the claim of being Jesus and Mary is likely to confront many of us very deeply because of all the beliefs, expectations, demands, judgements and fears we hold about who Jesus or Mary Magdalene really are and what such a claim might mean.

Millions of today’s religious followers are expecting the return of their “beloved” Jesus. But what if this man claiming to be Jesus doesn’t fit the expectations of religion’s most famous icon—just like Jesus didn’t fit the expectations of the Jews in the first century? What if the events of his arrival don’t match the descriptions in today’s accepted holy books? What if, once again, Jesus speaks out against faulty spiritual dogma and society’s error-based indoctrinations, just like he did 2000 years ago?

The fact is, in 1963, when Alan John Miller, the man claiming to be Jesus, was born, no trumpets blared, no white horse descended through the parting clouds, and non-Christians and other branded sinners did not suddenly disappear into oblivion. Instead, the arrival of Jesus and Mary’s soul had a much more humble and practical beginning—again, just like in the first century. God, as you may already notice, is very practical, and you will come to see that a humble arrival of Divine Truth is the most practical and efficient way—in fact, the onlyway—we Earthlings could possibly understand some essential foundations of Divine Truth.

Jesus and Mary, for the purpose of demonstration, chose to arrive on Earth through the process of reincarnation, which, it turns out, is a process that is greatly misunderstood, and which will be clarified in later chapters. The first factor in the process of incarnation (whether it is reincarnation or a first incarnation) that has an immediate impact on an arriving soul is the emotional environment present at the time of conception. This impact is generally quite painful and damaging to incoming souls because we inhabitants of Earth are steeped in a wide assortment of emotional errors. Even though Mary and Jesus have a highly evolved soul, their soul-halves, like all who incarnate onto this planet, were damaged upon arrival. I will share more about the impact of incarnation upon a soul, but for now it is important to understand that Jesus and Mary received this damage, just like the rest of us. At the time of this writing (2019), they are not yet in the perfected state of love that Jesus achieved in the first century which he referred to as “becoming at one with God,” “re-birth,” or being “born again.” Many people expect Jesus and Mary to be born perfect, or at least be perfect now as teachers of Divine Truth, which would, indeed, be an accurate reflection of their highly evolved soul, but that is not the case, nor would it have supported the purpose of their journey here. Mary and Jesus desire to teach and demonstrate Divine Truth, which includes the process of purification that Jesus engaged in the first century that transformed his soul into an elevated state perfected in love and infused with God’s personal Divine Love. They want to show us that this process is available to all people. Every one of us can grow the passionate desire for and receive Divine Love and Truth from God in a process that not only purifies the soul of all soul-based errors in love, but also ensures continued and potentially unlimited growth in Love and Truth throughout one’s existence in the spirit world.

Jesus and Mary are engaging this process of transformation currently and are making marked progress, already embodying more love and truth than this planet has seen in a very long time. Just like when Jesus did it in the first century, a person succeeding with this transformation will always have a powerful impact upon humanity. Jesus and Mary are the most likely humans to be able to achieve this entirely loving state again at this time in history, but who is to say there won’t be others? Perhaps many? Perhaps you? If you begin the process of engaging Divine Truth, start transforming your soul, you will have a tremendous healing effect on yourself, all other people, all living things, and even the planet itself. You, like Jesus and Mary, can become an example to others of the power of Love. But one step at a time. First, we need to correct a mountain of mistaken beliefs.

Many false beliefs have been perpetuated about Jesus and Mary, both, and have caused insipid corruption of Divine Truth and a stubborn permeation of error throughout many religions and spiritual belief systems. Some examples of highly destructive false beliefs are: the idea that Jesus somehow died as a sacrifice to save “believers” from their sins, the idea that a belief or another person can ever release us from having to take responsibility for our personal digressions, and the idea that Jesus is God, a triune part of God, or the one holy son of God. Any belief that promotes Jesus to a deity or that he somehow lived under different rules than the rest of us is categorically untrue and something that Jesus never claimed in his first incarnation and never would claim. These falsities were attributed to him and encouraged by those in power for nefarious reasons and completely nullified the main point Jesus was trying to teach—that we are all equal children of God, we all need to learn how to be responsible for our own sins, and we can all have the kind of relationship with God that Jesus is passionate about demonstrating. We will discuss later in this book the reasons why these false beliefs have been so readily accepted and perpetuated.

The soul-based uniqueness that Jesus did demonstrate in the first century, and that he and Mary continue to demonstrate today is a superlative desire for God, God’s Love, and God’s Truth. This profound focus on God, Love and Truth is what precipitated Jesus’s state of at-one-ment with God in the first century shortly before he was killed. But that lifetime was really just the beginning of a much greater journey. Jesus and Mary have continued to explore Divine Truth for the last 2000 years and have volumes to teach us about their discoveries if we desire to learn.

You may be wondering: Why did Jesus and Mary arrive in Australia? Everything God does has a loving reason. Australia is one of the few countries that is not overpowered by any particular religion. Folks there are pretty easy-going. Sure, Australia has plenty of issues, but if you were God, desiring to send messengers with vitally important information, wouldn’t you have them arrive in a place where they would have the greatest chance to deliver the message and to personally survive long enough to demonstrate it?

For much of their early lives in this incarnation, Jesus and Mary did not know of their identity. They each experienced a gradual and progressively more powerful awakening and refinement of their memories and soul capacities which still continues to this day. Their awakening intensified when they found each other in 2007. Jesus had started to share some of the Divine Truth with small groups at the time and was invited to the home of Mary’s parents in Queensland, where he and Mary were introduced. But their reunion was not all poetry and roses. Rather, it is a very human story, one that again offers a unique demonstration of what each of us, too, may experience in discovering our soulmates here on earth. See resources at the bottom of this page for more details about their reunion [2].According to their website, Jesus and Mary have been together as a couple since 2009, and currently live together in a very modest home on 40 acres of bushland in an area called Wilkesdale, northwest of Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia.

Here are some excerpts from the Divine Truth website (“Introduction To Divine Truth Teachings—What Wikipedia Could Say”)[3]describing some of their background (note: hyperlinks within this excerpt take you to Wikipedia’s reference sites for those topics):

[Jesus] worked as an electronics technician, commercial cleaner, computer systems engineer and software developer, and a property developer. His personal religious history is that he was a member of the Church of England until the age of 7 years old, and then the Jehovah’s Witness faith from the age of 7 until 33 years old. He became an elder in the Jehovah’s Witness faith at 26 years old. He removed himself from the Jehovah’s Witness faith when he was 34 years old. [Jesus] began publicly presenting Divine Truth teachings in 2005, and began recording some of these events since 2007, and has since travelled at the request of interested persons to destinations around the world, including the USAEnglandSwedenGreece and Brazil to give seminarsinterviews and meeting groups.

[Mary] is a trained Occupational Therapist, and has a degree in Occupational Therapy. Her mother was born a Presbyterian and her father a Catholic , but they did not practice those faiths and she was raised without religion.

The presentations are provided for free, and Mr. Miller and Miss Luck fund their events and living expenses through receiving donations. They publicly post their financial records on the Divine Truth website.

In order to increase the chances of success in teaching and demonstrating God’s Truth to humanity, Jesus and Mary were accompanied by six other highly evolved souls-pairs. As a group, these returned souls are referred to as the fourteen[4] (each whole soul includes two soul-mate halves). Jesus, Mary, and two other complete souls (four other individuals) were born in Australia, but others of the fourteen are spread out around the world, with both halves of each soul within a given country. At this time (2020), only one of the fourteen besides Jesus and Mary is actively participating in the teaching of Divine Truth. His birth name is David Matthew Walsh, and he is believed to be the reincarnation of Cornelius, the Roman soldier who put nails through Jesus’s hands during the crucifixion. Another Australian of the fourteen was killed in 2007, a man named John Kreppold, believed to be the Apostle John depicted in the Bible. The others of the fourteen are having a more difficult time coming to terms with who they are after the full impact of leaving a fully unified soul state (to be explained later) to land in the relative hell of an earthly upbringing—a description I do not use lightly. From the perspective of these highly evolved beings, this planet is an extremely dark place, full of treachery and error, making it hard for any soul to adhere to the Creator’s definitions of love and truth. For souls of exceptional evolution, the struggle is even more difficult because it is exacerbated by memories, knowledge, experiences and emotions (whether immediately conscious or still suppressed) of what has been left behind and which contrast so markedly with the earth experience.

The gift of love that the fourteen are offering humanity is tremendous; they chose to give up a state of love and connection with God that we cannot yet imagine, in order to bring and demonstrate God’s Truth to our mistaken and fearful masses. But they knew that their loving choice to come in person would provide the best possible opportunity for us to learn. The best teachers are always those who can personally demonstrate what they are teaching, and the fourteen have chosen to experience the same extreme obstacles to truth and love that we all must face as we go through the process of transformation from darkness to light, error to love. If they had arrived in the state of perfection and love (of which their souls are fully capable) and displayed the resulting mysterious supernatural powers, the impact upon Earthlings would have been too extreme for us to handle, we would not have been able to relate to them, and we would have missed a crucial truth—that they are the same as us, all equal children of God. Jesus, Mary and the others are entirely human, and they are here to teach and demonstrate how any human can develop a relationship with God and become the truly loving and extraordinary beings that we were all created to be.


Those of us who decide to engage Divine Truth and initiate the personal transformation it entails, will have to work through a number of potential stumbling blocks along the way, often in the form of emotional resistance, which we will discuss throughout this book. At this point, though, let’s give a little more attention to some feelings of resistance that you have probably felt already: the resistance towards a couple making potentially very confronting claims about their identity, and resistance towards information offered by a couple making such a claim.

Some people believe that claims of being the reincarnation of Jesus and Mary Magdalene are a ploy to gain power and followers. But, the fact of the matter is, claiming you are Jesus does not bring hordes of gullible, eager followers—just the opposite. Such an identity claim attracts repulsion, anger, contempt and outright attack—especially if what you have to teach is confronting to popular beliefs. Most people automatically shut down their hearts at the mention of Jesus claiming to be Jesus, and never bother to listen to what he has to say, assuming he is either an idiot or a psychopath. Rarely is a person open to the possibility that this humble, honest, loving man could be who he knows himself to be. The only gain for announcing your identity of such great unlikelihood to a population eager to attack any potential imposter is because it is the truth. A person cannot align with Divine Truth or its Creator if truth is not a top priority. Jesus and Mary, naturally, are compelled by their passion for God, Love and Truth to reveal their true identity.

Resistance to individuals and truth is often experienced because we have so many preconceived ideas, judgements and expectations. We are quick to judge what we don’t understand. We are quick to judge information and people that confront our cherished beliefs and don’t conform to our expectations. And sure enough, Jesus and Mary are setting the record straight on history and pointing out and correcting widely held false beliefs that are crippling us today. Even their current state of imperfection may be challenging for some to witness and accept. Many expect Jesus, in particular, to be perfect, and don’t quite know what to make of the idea that this man claiming to be Jesus has a soulmate, an equal, a woman who used to be condemned in the stories of the Bible as a prostitute.

Jesus and Mary are both working through errors in their soul. Some of those errors may be apparent within the thousands of hours of videos that are intended to document their imperfection as they grow in love and work towards the at-one-ment condition with God. If you watch videos of them teaching over the years, you can witness some of these changes for yourself. For example, they used to allow numerous and varied unloving behavior in groups that they spoke to, but now they don’t. They now use formats and rules that are much more loving to themselves and every participant involved. They often bring to light in participants desiring truth issues that need to be exposed, so people can begin to heal. Mary’s soul healing has been documented quite effectively, because she was captured on video earlier in her progression when she was still in a more damaged state. On the other hand, much of Jesus’s initial growth in love occurred before recorded events took place.

We even have expectations of how Divine Truth should be presented. Some people I’ve introduced to the Divine Truth videos have commented to me that they find the video presentations too long, slow, or boring. They seem to expect Jesus and Mary to be Hollywood-style presenters who satisfy our addictions for entertainment, external motivation and instant gratification. They seem to lose sight of the importance of what is being offered here, not to mention for free. But I think this attitude actually arises from a lack of desire for truth, because these folks tend to lose interest rather quickly compared to those who recognize the value of what is being offered and who, contrastingly, feel that Jesus and Mary are excellent presenters.

Regardless of a person’s initial response to the messengers or Divine Truth, I am confident that what Jesus and Mary are teaching is the most important information any human can ever learn. Whether we receive the truth through videos or in books like this one, the important thing—if we sincerely desire positive change—is that we do. Isn’t it worth a little effort?

If this book is your first introduction to Divine Truth, I highly recommend that you also make the effort to watch, listen to, and learn directly from the two people who have more experience with Divine Truth than anyone on the planet. Over 2000 hours of video are available on YouTube and Vimeo [5] or through their website, The website additionally contains audio files of every lecture, transcripts for many presentations, some audios that are not available on video, and copious printed media from a variety of sources dedicated to God’s Truth. Documentation such as video, audio and written records are an extremely high priority to Jesus and Mary, because this time around they want to be certain that the message of Divine Truth is not lost, misunderstood or misrepresented.


In 2009, when I first heard about this couple in Australia who claimed to be Jesus and Mary, I did not know what to think. I respected the integrity and experience of the Australian friends of mine who brought this couple and Divine Truth to my awareness, but it sounded rather far-fetched, as you can imagine. Curiosity prevailed, though, and once I listened to an introductory video called “Secrets of the Universe,” (the earlier version) [6]my heart felt a wonderful opening. This information felt like real truth. The man addressed questions about life I had been carrying around for many years in a way that was so sensible and loving. I did, however go through times of doubt, but I felt drawn to continue watching the videos and couldn’t ignore that I felt a kind of joy as I listened to someone finally voicing and teaching what felt like the kind of truth a truly loving God would have created for us.

At one point, I tried very hard to find fault with both the messengers and the truth they were teaching, because as I explored this truth, people around me started to become very concerned and even hostile about my interest in something that was being taught by a man and woman claiming to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene. My family, friends and loved ones were not open to the possibility that these teachers could be who they claim to be or that this truth could be the real truth about humanity. I could see that accepting my honest feelings about this material meant that not only would I be in for a challenging journey to heal my own soul, but people around me were not going to like it. And that is what happened. None of my family, friends or even my now ex-husband could understand what was happening in my heart and why I felt so sure that this information was the truth. People who once had great faith in my ability to make good decisions in my life began to treat me with disdain, ridicule, dishonesty and cruelty. I had to release myself from almost all of those increasingly unhealthy bonds.

After watching and listening to the Divine Truth material for about a year, I knew I needed to meet its teachers personally in order to find peace with the extraordinary claim they were making. I flew to Australia in 2011 and lived for two years in the area of Queensland where they live. I attended most of the lectures and book groups [7] which they offered at local venues, and several other hands-on events such as “environment” days where we learned and did projects centered on healing the land. I even had the opportunity to have an informal lunch with Jesus and Mary and a few of others at their simple one-bedroom home in Queensland. They were always kind, considerate, honest and direct. I could not find any obvious flaws the way I have found in all other spiritual teachers. After those two years, I returned to the United States with enough faith in the accuracy of their identity and teachings that I knew l would commit the rest of my existence to pursuing a relationship with God using the system they had described.

Whenever we carry around judgements, expectations, or any unloving emotions, about anyone, we are far out of alignment with love and will struggle to see truth clearly through our distorted lenses, and in this case such distortion may cause a person to lose the opportunity to receive precious and essential truth about the whole human existence—no small matter. I will do my best to explain how to work through emotions that are out of harmony with love later in this book, so that we can develop our ability to accurately see and feel truth when it is offered to us. It is always good to notice any resistance that arises so it can be addressed later.

Fortunately, in order to benefit from the tremendous gift of knowledge and experience this couple are offering to humanity, it is not necessary to first accept their claim. Certainly, working through emotions about their identity would be helpful, as is working through all feelings of resistance, but not necessary to begin working with the material. The material itself, the Divine Truth, is so powerful, that when sincerely engaged, it will speak for itself. But that can only happen if you do the experiment for yourself.

As far as your personal response to the claimed identity of Jesus and Mary, I hope that you, too, can be mature enough to put aside any judgements or pre-conceived notions about who they claim to be and, more importantly, listen sincerely to the message they are offering. If you engage the “great experiment” yourself, you will know why I have such confidence in Divine Truth and its teachers. It will become clear to you that those who are bringing the message really know what they are talking about.

Nothing on this planet will change if humanity continues to reject or ignore the truth that governs the universe and life itself. But you do not have to wait for the rest of humanity to embrace the tremendous gift being offered. Your personal choice to embrace Divine Truth will be most powerful choice for positive change you can make for your own life and the lives of all people. You do not need to believe in God or the identity of the messengers in order to begin this process of transformation. I pray that you won’t miss this opportunity to learn the truth—and all the healing and joy it can bring—just because it may have arrived in a package that didn’t fit your expectations. Humans are designed for continuous growth. That includes growing beyond all misconceptions that keep us chained to false beliefs and suffering. You will see for yourself that learning to trust God’s loving Truth and learning to develop a relationship with God, Herself, are the keys to the ultimate experience of love and joy—something we all deserve to experience.


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