About God’s Way

God’s Way is about Love. It is about desiring and growing a loving relationship with God, our soul, all people, all of life, all of creation. When we truly love, we live in harmony with the loving laws that God created. What I am learning is that our whole universe was designed by God, through an awesome system of loving laws, to teach us about love. And when I say love, I am not talking about love as we define it from humanity’s common perspective. I am talking about love from God’s perspective. And often those two definitions are completely opposed.

If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that this world is not a very loving place. Sure, there are many times people are loving, but on a global scale, it is plagued with pain and suffering, fear, disease, starvation, murder, theft, lack, child abuse, rape, assault, poisoning and destruction of the Earth, and war. And these are just the issues we agree are unloving. And these are not qualities that God would create. We did that. And we did that because we don’t really understand or demonstrate true love, the kind of love God knows would only bring good things to our world.

Yet, regardless of our misunderstandings and misdeeds, God loves us more than we can imagine, and wants to teach us about love. God wants everyone to have wonderful, joyful, fulfilling, abundant lives filled with love. So God has designed a system where just like the first century when Jesus taught about love and God, help is again available. Seven very loving soul pairs (14 people) have returned to earth with the intention of helping us learn about love and God’s Truth. Jesus and Mary Magdalene, born this time as Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck, are one of those souls that have returned.  They are now actively teaching us how to have a personal relationship with God, so we can learn directly and accurately from God about love. Sometimes I get glimpses of just what a profound gift this is to human kind.

Jesus and Mary
Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck)

Most people have a hard time with the idea that Jesus and Mary and others have returned, especially when they don’t fit the image or the expectations that religions have imposed upon them. I too went through emotional struggles with the idea. When I first heard about this Australian man claiming to be Jesus (I didn’t know about Mary yet), I doubted it, but I was curious, so I checked out an overview lecture on YouTube (youtu.be/ZCzKtABYBEc). My soul leapt for joy at what I heard. I wasn’t sure about there identity, but what they were teaching was amazing.

I have spent over 7 years listening to their lectures and attempting to experiment with what they teach including two years in Australia interacting with them in person numerous times. As best I can make out at this point, I believe they are who they claim to be. Jesus tells us that none of us have thoroughly resolved their identity yet at the soul level, but I believe it enough to make the Divine Truth teachings and establishing a relationship with God a, if not the, primary focus in my life.

What they are teaching is amazing. They answer so many questions about:

life and death
having a relationship with God
the universe
health and healing
pain and suffering
souls and soul-mates
our bodies
how we live our lives

I encouraged everyone to explore this information for themselves. Their website, www.DivineTruth.com, is packed full of resources about God’s Way. If enough of us learn how to grow a relationship with God and how to really love, we can transform our lives and ultimately, this world.