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If we desire a life filled with the greatest possible joy, love, perfect health, and fulfillment of the highest possible potential as a human, there are two things we must do: align ourselves with the laws of love that run our whole universe and grow a personal relationship with our Creator. Sure, we can achieve great happiness and wellbeing without God, simply by aligning with the laws of love, but together these essentials make up the path called God’s Way which is based on the truth about humanity, the Universe and God, known as Divine Truth. It is the Narrow Way Jesus spoke of in the first century, the method and truth Jesus engaged to perfect himself in love and transformed his soul to became at-one with God. Divine Truth helps us understand the truth about Jesus, the truth about what he accomplished, and the truth of what he attempted to teach in the first century, none of which are not accurately represented in the Bible. Divine Truth  is not a religion or a religious belief system, it is simply the truth about God, humanity and our universe. And one of the beautiful things about real truth is:  it can be proven. Like all laws of nature, Divine Truth holds true in all circumstances. Eventually, every one of us will know the reality of it. We can wait until then, or we can open our eyes to its reality now and start to enjoy all the well-being and joy it brings.

At the moment, we humans are at odds with Divine Truth because we are at odds with our Creator’s definition of love. Our world is plagued with pain and suffering, fear, disease, starvation, theft, lack, child abuse, murder, rape, assault, poisoning and destruction of the Earth, and war. None of this is God’s fault. We are doing this. And the problem is not just the greedy, power-seeking, divisive and violent individuals that are bringing about this mess. We are all contributing to this mess, and the main reason is because we are gravely mistaken about what love actually is. The laws of love that run our entire universe are based on God’s definition of love, not our earthly definition.

We have been making choices throughout our lives hoping for happiness and wellbeing, but we are making those decisions based on faulty information. Only the truth will bring us what we desire. Divine Truth gives us that truth. It is what we need to know to reach our potential as human beings and live the amazing, living, healthy, abundant, joyful life we dream of.

The other part of this, developing a personal relationship with God, will determine how far along the road to maximum human potential and joy we go. We have the free-will to reject a personal relationship with God and choose only the alignment with love part of things; that alone would be a fantastic improvement over our current reality, but that is a different road, and its resulting joy is like a candle compared to the sun. Many people choose that route because they are mistaken about God, either dismissing God as the hopeful fantasy of ignorant people or thinking God is an impersonal energy already infused in all of Her creations. Neither of those beliefs are accurate. God is real and is a soul, a being, of perfect love with personality and character that is united in both masculine and feminine aspects, Who loves us more than we can imagine and wants to give us Her Divine Love if we so desire it. God is not an impersonal energy. You can’t have a relationship with an impersonal energy, and when you receive God’s personal Love, you will know the difference. Having a relationship with God, as God really is, will be the most extraordinary, emotional and transformative experience a person can have.

We do not have to be perfect people to have a relationship with God, we just need to have the desire, and we need to be real. Facades don’t work with God, but God will help us break through our errors and facades if we are sincere in our desire to do so. God loves us more than we can imagine, and wants to teach us about love. God wants everyone to have wonderful, joyful, fulfilling, abundant lives filled with love. So God has designed a perfectly loving universe as well as educational and loving laws to support us in that outcome.

Jesus and Mary
Jesus and Mary

Just like in the first century when Jesus attempted to teach the truth about love and God, help is again available. Seven very loving soul pairs (14 people) have returned to earth with the intention of helping us learn about love and God’s Truth. Jesus, himself, and Mary Magdalene, his soulmate, are among those returned souls. They are born this time as Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck.  Jesus and Mary are now actively teaching us how to have a personal relationship with God, so we can learn directly and accurately from God about love. What an amazing gift they are giving to humanity! Divine Truth is the truth that will set us free. It is up to us to engage it.

Many people have a hard time with the idea that Jesus and Mary and others have returned, especially when they don’t fit the image or the expectations that religions have imposed upon them. Jesus and Mary and even go so far as to directly confront numerous false beliefs contained within religions. I too went through emotional struggles with the idea of their return. When I first heard about this Australian man claiming to be Jesus (I didn’t know about Mary yet), I doubted it, but I was curious, so I checked out an introductory lecture on YouTube (youtu.be/ZCzKtABYBEc). My soul leapt for joy at what I heard. I didn’t have enough information to make a decision about their identity, but what they were teaching was amazing. They answer so many questions about: life and death, love, having a relationship with God, the universe, health and healing, pain and suffering, souls and soul-mates, religion, our bodies, emotions, facades, etc, and their answers feel absolutely loving and logical.

I have spent almost 12 years listening to their lectures and attempting to experiment with what they teach including two years in Australia interacting with them in person numerous times. I have never met anyone like them and the more I work with the teachings, the more I open to the possibility of their claimed identity. But who they are is not all that important. It is the teachings and all that can be accomplished by embracing them that matter. Through my experience with Divine Truth, I am sufficiently confident in it that I have decided to make Divine Truth and establishing a relationship with God the primary focus in my life.

I encouraged everyone to explore this information for themselves. Their website, www.DivineTruth.com, and their Youtube channel are packed full of resources about God’s Way. If enough of us learn how to grow a relationship with God and how to really love, we can transform our lives and ultimately, this world.

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