Me, October, 2019

My name is Jennifer Brownson. Welcome to my website and blog. I live in the high desert of northeastern Arizona, USA, among the junipers, rock roses and fringed sage where I am embarking on the most important journey of my existence – the journey of a soul seeking God and ultimate growth in love and happiness. My purpose in creating this website and blog is to document and share my soul-journey of discovery and healing as I explore Divine Truth, which is the truth of our universe, humanity, and our Creator. This information is not a religion, nor is it aligned with any established spiritual teachings, yet it is very centered around our relationship with God. It teaches us how to align ourselves with God and Her perspective of love and truth so that we can grow a relationship with this extraordinarily loving and compassionate Being, discover the uniqueness and passions of our soul, heal all the errors and damage in our soul, and experience the most joyful life possible, a life lived God’s Way.

For me, this journey began with two simple but powerful desires: the desire for spiritual truth and the desire to be truly happy. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in God and wanted to know the answers to big questions: Why are we here? Where did we come from? Who or what is God, really? What is the truth about Jesus? The Catholic Church, which I was born into, attempted to convince me of a doctrine and a God that was illogical, full of inconsistencies and only loving under certain conditions, so I left the church and embarked on my own journey for answers.

For 20 years, I explored all kinds of spiritual paths and religions, but they all fell short of what I felt in my heart, that God is absolutely, entirely, loving, and has created all that is perfect and good in our extraordinary universe.

When I was in my mid-forties — even after all the years of spiritual searching — I was still not truly happy. I could put on a happy face and say and do all the right spiritual things, but I was not feeling joy, I was not in a loving relationship, and I did not feel fulfilled. The truth eventually became clear: my soul was, in fact, full of pain, anger, fear, shame and grief. I had been living in a facade that would never get me where I wanted to go. I want to experience a passionately joyful life and come to know and rejoice in my soul as well as our Creator. In order to experience this kind of all-expansive joy, I need to change. I need to heal my soul.

In 2009, I was finally introduced to what I now believe is the truth of our existence and the truth of a God worth knowing. Divine Truth answers those difficult questions I have carried around for so long. It answers them with precision and love, and it all fits together into a complete picture of how much our Creator actually loves us. And now that I am training as an emotion-based medium (the only accurate way to discern truth when communicating with spirits), I have the honor to witness the loving power of Divine Truth in action. Whereas religions have fed us incomplete and inaccurate “truth,” leaving spirits disillusioned and lost, Divine Truth offers the truth that finally allows spirits (and those of us still on Earth) to heal and progress towards ever-growing love and joy. God is far more loving and caring to all of us than any religion portrays. We just need to learn and apply some very important principles of love that have not, until recently, been understood.

I hope, by sharing my journey and my perspective of what I have learned, you will gain insight into your own life, and how much you too can benefit by aligning with Divine Truth. I have been investigating this truth for 10 years now, and I believe so strongly that it is the key to healing every ill of a personal and global human existence that I have begun writing a book to share this essential information with others. I am offering this book for free as I complete each chapter and post it in my blog. My blog also includes reflections on personal challenges, personal desires and passions, childhood experiences, becoming self-responsible, mediumship, and whatever else I think might be useful to share as I seek God and love in my life. If you like, you can enter your email to receive notifications of upcoming blog posts.

If you only read one article on this website, I hope it is my comments about God’s Way in the About God’s Way page in the menu. If you are open and desiring real answers, and can let go of your preconceived notions of what God’s Way or Divine Truth might be, you will discover in Divine Truth a God and a whole universe that is far more logical and loving than you can imagine. I also recommend perusing the DivineTruth.com website which is packed full of free resources to assist us on this journey.

In the first century, there was a man named Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) who claimed that we could all be like him: entirely free of fear and pain, filled with love, joyfully at one with God, and with the ability to bring truth, love and healing to our brothers and sisters wherever we go. I want to do that. It’s a lofty goal, I know, but nothing else quite stirs me the way this does.