Chapter 3 – The Reality of Divine Truth

With all the greed, corruption, lies, destruction and violence that we see today, it is obvious that humanity is well off the mark of love. Our world often feels like a dangerous, chaotic and hopeless mess—and it would be if we were left to rely on our wits alone. Fortunately, that is not the case…

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The Truth

– A beginner’s perspective on what could be the
most important information a person will ever learn

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The Truth – Introduction

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Chapter Three

The Reality of Divine Truth


With all the greed, corruption, lies, destruction and violence that we see today, it is obvious that humanity is well off the mark of love. Our world often feels like a dangerous, chaotic and hopeless mess—and it would be if we were left to rely on our wits alone. Fortunately, that is not the case; the reality is, we are immersed in and protected by a structure of absolutely infallible and loving truth that governs every aspect of life and is called Divine Truth or Absolute Truth. As much as we try to ignore and fight this loving authority, we are always held securely within its arms and always being led, though sometimes so slowly we cannot perceive its influence, towards love, peace, and joy. We may not believe anything is powerful enough to turn around this mess we have created, but love is, and Divine Truth will show us how.

Often when we think of the change needed in this world, we think of all the other people who need to get on board with a more humane agenda. In contrast, Divine Truth teaches us that loving transformation will never involve forcing other people to change. Love doesn’t work that way. Change towards love is an inside job; it is about changing your own soul. What we don’t recognize yet is that a soul is no small matter. God created human souls to have an enormous and powerful potential for intelligence, love, creativity, feeling and healing. One single person who fully embodies Divine Truth on this planet will have an immediate and massive impact on all of humanity, like Jesus did in the first century. Today, Jesus and Mary are both working hard to demonstrate this process for us and are very likely to reach the perfected condition of love again. And there is no reason why dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of people couldn’t also achieve the perfect alignment with God’s view of love while still on Earth. The impact that a group of people in perfect harmony with love would bring to the planet is unprecedented. You could be a part of this extraordinary transformation. It is primarily a matter of personal desire. We do not need families, leaders and governments to change first; waiting for anyone else to change will get us nowhere.  The most powerful mechanism for transformation in existence is who and what we are: a soul. And we are going to learn how to engage our soul—for love.

As we open to the reality and love inherent in Divine Truth, everything we see and experience will make sense. We will start to understand that all the suffering, fear and evil is the natural result of our entire population living out of harmony with love and is entirely correctable. We will be able to learn from our mistakes, overcome our errors, and discover the joy that is possible for each and every one of us. And when we include God in that process, the possibilities are exponentially greater still.

The structure and function of the laws that underpin Divine Truth and sustain all of life, while absolute and infallible, are not the illogical, rigid, impersonal laws designed to force us into obedience, like the human laws we are used to. God made the laws of the universe to interact with us personally and intimately, to respond to our soul in a way that beckons us to explore the depths of each law as an invitation to God, Herself. Each law demonstrates perfection, beauty, compassion, love, relationship, and the importance of emotion and intension—all qualities found within God. The more you learn about Divine Truth the more you will understand why Jesus stated 2000 years ago, “The Truth shall set you free,” and you will come to understand why we have not yet been able to enjoy that promise.

It is well known among psychologists that developing human beings require an environment that is safe, truthful, loving, consistent, and creative in order for us to thrive and grow into our full potential and happiness. While not many of us would use these adjectives to describe our personal past or the world in its current state, we recognize that such an environment would be ideal. God, of course knows this too. That is why God created a universe organized with absolute and loving guarantees for our safety and ultimate well-being. It may be difficult to imagine at this point, but Divine Truth reveals to us a universe that is, in fact, perfectly safe, loving, truthful, consistent, just, reliable, meaningful, creative, varied, alive and beautiful playground that offers us the greatest possible opportunities for a joyful existence.

Anyone who experiments sincerely with Divine Truth will come to know and appreciate its absolute nature. Divine Truth is not one more opinion or belief-system fabricated by human beings in an attempt to help us feel better about our existence. What we will be discussing in this book is beyond speculation. These are the unbendable principles and laws based on love that define and govern every structure and function of this multidimensional universe we live in. The beauty of absolute truth is that it never fails and, thus, can be proven. In the spirit world, where Divine Truth is more widely known to be the reality behind all existence (though still unknown to most), millions of people have gone through the process of transformation we will be describing. Few people on Earth realize what a tremendous gift it is to have this information available at this time on earth. It is being offered accurately—all around the world, thanks to technology—by those with the greatest personal experience with it. The arrival of Divine Truth on the planet at this time is cause for much excitement and celebration by those who recognize the extraordinary nature of what is occurring.

Although I am doing my best to represent Divine Truth accurately, please remember that I am still a beginner on this journey. If you plan to personally experiment with Divine Truth, please do your homework. Listen to the videos offered by Jesus and Mary. Read the books and material offered for free on their website. This journey is far too important to skimp on effort, especially when there is so much fascinating material available from souls who have vast experience with it. By whatever means you decide to approach Divine Truth, know that, ultimately, you will succeed. When approached with sincerity, passion, and perseverance, there is no mountain of human error that can stop it from teaching, healing, correcting, loving and transforming the seeker.


Accepting Divine Truth and making the loving personal changes required to align with it, though simple in concept, is also going to be challenging. Truth always feels confronting when it hits error, and humanity is full of error. We are mistaken about almost everything important in human existence: the purpose of life, God, childhood, parenthood, love, relationships, happiness, illness, disease, aging, our earth existence, “death,” heaven, and much more. There is so much to correct and learn, and it can be such an amazing adventure.

Seeking truth about ourselves, each other, and the world around us is a natural inclination for human beings. We are designed to seek truth, learn and evolve, and there are laws that ensure that we do. If our search for truth and our powers of investigation were unimpeded, it is likely that we would already have discovered the essential truths, the Absolute Truth of our existence, ages ago and been well on our way to fully joyful living. The trouble is that humans are complex beings, and our pursuit of knowledge and understanding has, so far, been obstructed by innumerable forms of emotional resistance, which has resulted in the struggle and pain that we currently experience in our lives and in humanity as a whole.

As children, the innate desire for learning and understanding is much more apparent. Children are perpetually curious, filled with wonder, always asking, “why?” Unfortunately, the child’s inquisitive nature often gets squashed by an unappreciative social environment more interested in the status quo than investigation. Eventually, most children stop asking the questions. Some, sadly, turn into the complacent masses who not only stop seeking truth, but actively resist truth, evolution, change and growth.

On the other hand, some children are not so easily deterred in their curiosity and grow up to dedicate their lives to seeking truth, passionately wanting to understand the workings of life and the universe. These are the truth-seekers, and they can be found in a wide variety of disciplines, such as: researchers, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, biologists, musicians, writers, artists, gardeners, caretakers, teachers, philosophers, spiritual explorers – all those who are keen observers, have a passion for answers, and have a strength of character to persevere even in the face of great obstacles and persecution. They keep asking questions and keep seeking Absolute Truth. Their discoveries often have a great positive impact on millions of people. Think about the discoveries about our earth, our solar system, physiology, health care, electricity, communication, chemistry, flight, and computers. Certainly, such revolutionary discoveries can also be used for evil purposes, but if our intentions underlying our discoveries are loving, we are never held responsible by the laws of love for what others do with it, and the good (the love and truth) that comes of such endeavors is always more powerful than its opposite.

At times in history when great discoveries of beneficial truth have been shared, they have not necessarily been met with celebration. Individuals who have introduced truth into this error-filled world are often treated with ridicule, harassment, incarceration, brutality and even death. Galileo, Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Gandhi and Jesus come to mind. This is a common response to the discovery of truth, especially when that truth confronts entrenched belief systems. Sometimes it takes many years before we appreciate the importance of what was discovered. If you participate in the early stages of establishment of Divine Truth on the planet, you will likely experience some resistance like this first-hand. Let’s hope it is minimal. The more of us who embark on this journey, the more evidence there will be of its reality, and the more love there will be to support the change.

The laws of love within Divine Truth pertain to everything from simple aspects of the physical world to highly complex laws of the human soul and the creation of universes. We will examine the fundamental laws that affect all levels of life in upcoming chapters. We humans have discovered a number of laws, some in part and some that appear to be complete, that apply to our physical world, such as the laws of: Gravity, Aerodynamics, Electricity, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Geometry, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc. All Absolute Laws of the universe, whether they pertain to the physical or metaphysical realms, help us to define, measure, create, explain relationships, ensure safety, and make predictions about our interactions and experiences. Being that all universal laws are immutable, measurable and relational, each one can be expressed as a mathematical equation. In the exploration of truth, mathematical equations can tell us when relationships are understood correctly, when we are headed in the right direction, or when we are missing one or more factors in the relationships involved. Mathematics is one of the ways that our Creator communicates with us. Scientists may be communication with God more than they realize!

Sometimes, scientists, mathematicians or physicists know that the truths they are exploring are not complete. They may work on certain mathematical equations for many years without the absolutely reliable results they know will come when all necessary factors are accounted for and in the correct relationship. This is often how we uncover Absolute Truth, one step at a time. Theories that are close to accurate might fail in certain circumstances. Yet, failure is just as important as success when exploring truth, because every event shows us something about the truth, including where our understanding is incomplete. Newtonian physics (from the works of Sir Issac Newton), which for over 300 years provided the understanding of objects moving through space, was accepted as a definitive law of physics until Einstein discovered that acceleration of the object in space caused results that didn’t fit into the established laws. Acceleration of an object caused the size of the object and the time consumed in its trajectory to distort. This told us that, while our use of Newtonian physics is very helpful to us in most situations, our beliefs about measurement of objects moving through space were incomplete. Einstein offered his theories of relativity about this consistent “anomaly,” but the field of quantum physics is one of many frontiers still ripe for discovery.

One area of study that is only beginning to be considered and recognized as having the potential for tremendous effect on all areas of discovery is the influence of emotions. Divine Truth offers much needed insight into the power of emotions as well as the source of emotions, the soul itself. Hopefully, all seekers of Absolute Truth will recognize the vast frontier of exploration the human soul offers to all areas of research. Divine Truth has the power to usher humanity towards the cusp of a whole new paradigm, giving us the ability to greatly expand our view of the universe and all aspects of life.

As the desire for Divine Truth expands, we will begin to develop the technology and the means to explore and document our new understandings. We will see new fields of scientific study into the metaphysical realms and related advancements in technology that help us measure, document, and study subtle energies like chi or life-force (as found in food, water, soil, animals as well as people), emotions, a soul’s development in love, spirit communications, thoughts, colors, the emotional health of the body, locations of stuck energy in the body, etc. As humanity embraces Divine Truth, we will grow in love, which will prompt radical changes in construction materials, housing, health care, packaging, waste disposal, care of the environment, food production, energy, government, and economic models. The more we learn about and experience the reality of Divine Truth, the more we will want to explore. This is a beautiful thing about God’s Truth and God’s Love, there is always more to learn about love.


The absolute nature of Divine Truth means that regardless of your beliefs, every one of us is being governed by these same principles of love at all times. We have no choice about the matter—just like we have no choice about living under the laws of physics inherent to our planet. We do, however, have a choice as to whether we want to seek out and embrace this Absolute Truth or not. To reiterate, if we abide by the loving structure and function of Divine Truth, we will enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer. If we choose to oppose love, we force ourselves to experience the remedial effects of divine laws as they work to correct our ill-fated choices. These corrective influences, which can come in the form of difficult situations, emotional pain, physical pain, diseases, and even environmental degradation, may seem unfortunate but are actually helping us learn about love, so we can make necessary changes in our lives and ultimately enjoy all the benefits of aligning with love instead of against it.

The fact that we are given the choice to use our will to align with love or not is a tremendously important part of this loving system, or any loving system. Without the opportunity for us to experience the denial of love, love cannot exist. Without personal choice, we become robots controlled by a tyrannical system. Without choice, we would lose the opportunity and delight of self-discovery and creativity. We would lose the joy of all discovery. Fortunately, our Creator and Parent is not a tyrant. God knows that a child can only learn at a transformative level when it does so through its own will and desire. That is why God gave us the gift of Free-will (which we will discuss in more detail later). We are constantly offered choices: what we want to explore and experience, the beliefs and morals we want to embrace, the pace and quality of our journey, who we want to share our time with, and if we want God to be a part of our lives. We can choose a path of love, generosity, service and healing or a life of evil and destruction—or anywhere in between. God has given us amazing freedom. But at the same time, that freedom is held within the loving and immutable laws and structure of the universe that do not bend to our will. To understand this seeming dichotomy, imagine a loving parent who brings his kids to a safe playground and watches over them while they race around with total abandon having a ball, exploring and feeling completely free. The loving parent knows how to keep the children safe, knows when to assert authority, when to step in to offer a small lesson in sharing, when to offer reassurance or a Band Aid.  This is what God does for us. The loving playground we call our universe and the laws that govern us are always working in concert with our will and desire to guide us towards truth and love, whether we are aware of the underlying influences and structure or not.

The more we learn about Divine Truth, the more we will appreciate it. Absolute Truth always rewards our loving intentions and patiently attempts to correct our mistakes without judgement. We will even grow to appreciate the correction side of the laws too, because, unlike many of the so-called laws made up by humans, God’s Laws are always accurate, fair, loving, informative and just, always working in conjunction with our souls to guide us towards love.

In “Chapter One—The Basics,” I mentioned that each of us will choose (according to whatever timing we prefer), to progress towards love on one of two paths: learning and growing with God (known as the Divine Love Path or God’s Way) or without God (The Natural Love Path). I want to point out that both paths are governed by the absolute laws of Divine Truth, yet the amount and quality of information and resulting experiences of each path are vastly different. If you want the relatively limited education that comes from studying only the effects of God’s Creations, rather than considering the Source of all creation, then the default choice, the Natural Love Path, is the one you will be engaging. If, on the other hand, you want to explore the why and how questions; you want to learn and experience as much as possible about life, love, the soul, the universe, and God; you want to explore meaning and purpose; you want to understand and experience the full potential of being human; you want to understand emotions, how each of us is unique, the laws of love, and an ever-expanding experiences of love and joy; then there is only one way to do that, God’s Way.

Many people cringe when they hear someone say there is only one way to ultimate happiness, one way to God, one way to total enlightenment, one way to absolute bliss. We cringe at the idea of there being only one way because we have so many painful associations with structure, laws, truth, spirituality, authority, and even with God. As children, we are not educated accurately about God or the essential principles of life. We are taught, often through force or threat, to subjugate ourselves to highly flawed, human parents and caregivers. We are misled and repeatedly lied to. Rewards and punishments are confusingly inconsistent and unpredictable. The rules that we are forced to obey, whether from our family, society, or even religion, are frequently arbitrary, illogical, inconsistent, pointless, unfair, or even cruel and harmful. And when it comes to spirituality, many of us have painful experiences with arrogant, self-righteous, religious leaders and their followers trying to convince us that their way is the only way to an exalted life, when in our hearts, we know their way contains ideas that are illogical, unfair, unloving, inconsistent, and even mythical. These painful experiences with laws, rules, authority and supposed truths leave us with deep seated authority issues, terrible disappointment, lack of faith in structure, a hangover of hopelessness, and pain in our gut that tightens into a knot at the idea of absolute anything. It is no surprise that many of us become rebellious towards any form of structure or authority. We develop a strong desire to do things our way and adhere to beliefs that support the idea that we can make up our own rules.

The tendency to rebel against rules and authority may be wide-spread, but we are not born with this tendency—just the opposite. Our souls are created to adore, trust, emulate, and follow the guidance of loving authority. In most families parents assume the role of the highest authority, but parents and caregivers are not the perfect, loving, honest, consistent, wise beings that might have helped us maintain a healthy relationship with rules and authority. They are injured just like we are and just like their own parents were. In truth, parents are not meant to be the supreme authority in our lives. We are designed to seek that perfect learning and loving relationship with the only true authority, the only truly loving parent: God. Sadly, when human parents and authority figures commandeer the role of God’s authority, they establish an extremely flawed and harmful foundation to our lives. And if we don’t stop the cycle of false authority and learn to heal the effects of it, the trouble continues on generation after generation.

Even if we are open to the existence of Absolute Truth, another monumental block to enjoying the benefits of Absolute Truth is the belief that we already know it. We become arrogant in our delusion that we know all there is to know, are right in our views, have control over things, and are somehow superior to those who don’t share our beliefs. In our arrogant state, we become very angry whenever our knowledge or beliefs are challenged. We are willing to go to war, kill, maim, torture and destroy millions of people as well as other living creatures and environments in order to defend beliefs that we insist are right. This hostile resistance to learning and growth is something we develop within ourselves over time, compounded each time we refuse the loving choice.

One brick in this belief-defending wall of arrogance is that we are terrified of being wrong. Being wrong means that the world of our making is about to lose its stability. Being wrong means that we might have to face feelings of shame, uncertainty, loss of control, or loss of power or status, but it also means we will likely have to feel the deeper childhood wounds of being ridiculed, judged or punished for being wrong. You can imagine the huge wall of defense we erect in order to avoid this cacophony of emotional pain.

In addition to issues of authority and arrogance causing resistance to Divine Truth, some people simply don’t believe in God (yet) and, therefore, resist the idea that the guiding principles of the entire universe could have a Divine Source. In the physical world, our belief in a Creator is often based primarily on faith, because we have little or no actual confirming experiences of that belief, and what we do experience is tainted by misinterpretations. Religions, a major supporter of the concept of a God, are so flawed in their concepts of God that it is not surprising that many people reject the idea of God entirely while on Earth. On the other hand, in the higher realms of the spirit world, the existence of God, the personal experiences a person can have with God, and the fact that God is the Source of all universal laws, are all irrefutable. Millions of spirits from all backgrounds are learning Divine Truth from spirits of higher development who have incontrovertible personal experience with Divine Truth and direct experience of God. Many of the learning spirits have gone from having little or no belief in God while on Earth, to knowing with certainty the boundless gift of a personal relationship with God. In time, the reality and Source of Divine Truth is proven to every person who desires to know.

Some Atheists and others believe that this life on Earth is the pinnacle of our existence with nothing to follow. Fortunately, this kind of Earth-centered belief is quickly dispelled shortly after “death,” when every spirit finds themselves still very much alive. And for some, the personal experience of that transition is enough to humble them to the fact that personal beliefs are largely irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. A very important message of this book is to help us realize that Earth is only the beginning of our human experience, and we need to get used to releasing and adjusting our corrupt and faulty beliefs as we continuously learn new truth.

The transition into the spirit world can be just as shocking to those who already do believe in God or an after-life. For millions of religious and spiritual devotees, “death” can be even more upsetting than for non-religious people, because they soon discover that some of their cherished Earth-life beliefs are completely mistaken and have no authority whatsoever in the spirit world. What they worshiped with vehemence on Earth is completely powerless once they pass. Many spirits, in their attempt to impose their faulty beliefs upon their new environment get stuck in undesirable places in the spirit world and become very frustrated. They may make attempts to improve their situation, but if they don’t understand Divine Truth, their efforts become a drawn-out struggle that may even result in worsened rather than improved experiences. I recommend that you not wait until you reach the spirit world to start experimenting with the information in this book. If you learn it now, experiment with it now, start correcting false beliefs now, start healing now, you will save yourself years of prolonged suffering and, instead, discover the kind of joy that our loving Creator has always wanted to offer you.

What causes us to hold so tightly to our current beliefs, even when we are constantly being offered truth that is far more loving, logical and effective? Any time we put great efforts into something like a spiritual path, mistaken as it may be, we are very reluctant to letting go of it. We humans invest tremendous energy in what we believe. Our spiritual beliefs, in particular, involve great investments of time, money, study, scriptures, diet, yoga, meditation, chants, sacrifice for others, mantras, etc. We desperately want to believe all this effort is the correct way to a good life, peace, God, “enlightenment,” etc.  We want our way to be valid. We do not want to consider the possibility that we might be wrong. We fight that possibility so completely that many of us are willing to become violent in our efforts to protect our current beliefs.

One way some people try to uphold and validate their spiritual choices is to embrace the notion that each person can have their own path to truth and “enlightenment.” Promoters of this philosophy claim that truth is flexible. They say, “my truth,” “your truth,” etc., implying that we can decide for ourselves what is true and that whatever we decide will be the reality we experience. Here is the truth: We do have the freedom to choose our own path through life—there are as many paths to the discovery of truth as there are numbers of people to ever walk the earth. And we can take as long as we want on our path. But Absolute Truth is what runs our universe. In response to the idea that we can choose our reality: We do, in fact, interpret events so they will fit into our established beliefs, and sometimes events appear to “prove” our belief, but the idea that we can choose truth or make something true just because we believe it is completely false. These kinds of delusions, while relatively easy to maintain on Earth, eventually dissolve under the uncompromising assertion of Absolute Truth which becomes much more evident when we become spirits. We can travel whatever circuitous route we desire, but all roads lead to only one reality, Divine Truth.

When we have resistance to the idea of Absolute Truth, it can be helpful to look at some truths of the universe that we easily accept such as gravity and aerodynamics. Every day, we rely on gravity, for example, to enable us to enjoy a safe and predictable adherence to the surface of our planet. We don’t argue with the reality and dependability of gravity as it exists here. We are free to believe whatever we want about it. We might have believed as a child: if I believe strongly enough, I can jump off this building and be able to fly. But our beliefs about gravity are irrelevant. If we jump off a building without proper equipment, we will fall and very likely hurt or kill ourselves. It is just how it is. The law works on all of us all of the time without exceptions. Some children have a hard time accepting that gravity is not going to change to suit their beliefs. They refuse to listen to the warnings from their wiser and more experienced elders. Instead they strap on their plastic wings, recite a magic spell, believe with all their might that they will succeed, and jump off the building. They crash. That is exactly what we are doing in our lives.

After this experience of falling off the roof, the child may believe that he is always destined to crash. But then the wise elder tells the child that there is a way to jump off the building and fly! The child doesn’t believe this either, because he now has personal experience proving that the outcome of jumping off a roof is painful. The elder demonstrates by strapping on a hang glider and safely and gracefully swooping down to the ground from a high ledge. How did they do that, the child demands to know! He assumes the elder has some unique magical ability that enables such an amazing feat. Why did their plastic wings work and mine didn’t? Maybe they can transfer this gift to me, so I can fly too. But that is not it. The elder then explains the principles and mathematics inherent in the law of aerodynamics, and how anyone who learns the truth and follows the laws will, without fail, be able to re-create flight as well. The key is, you must follow the laws. If you want to fly, you have to follow the rules of flight. So it is with our soul.


Some aspects of Divine Truth will sound familiar and are true, like the idea that love is the foundation. Another truth found in many religions is that of an after-life. When Jesus appeared in human form after his death, which he did do, he demonstrated that death is not the end of our existence. This truth is a vital piece of information that changed the course of history. From that point on, humanity expanded its knowledge of life itself. But only with completeness and accuracy does truth stand as Absolute Truth. Many spiritual teachings contain some Divine Truth, but teachings that include falsities are not only misleading, but potentially very dangerous—like the thousands of religions, belief systems and philosophies that currently beguile our masses. Through the course of this book, you will see why these imperfect teachings are so damaging. Lack of the establishment of Absolute Truth as the true authority is the reason we have so many religions and belief systems in the first place. Once Absolute Truth gains its rightful place as the foundation of human existence, religions and other spiritual paths will become obsolete and exposed for the incomplete and harmful substitutes for truth that they are.

But letting go of religions, in particular, is not likely to occur quickly or easily. Millions of people cling to their religions and belief systems because, not only do followers of spiritual dogma have great investment in their beliefs (like I mentioned already), but also these constructs fill emotional longings for community, belonging, safety (being saved), protection, righteousness, power, superiority, and avoidance of self-responsibility. Religion has been called the “opiate of the masses” because it satisfies so many of these desires in people, frequently at the detriment of the soul due to the addictive emotions involved. Currently, religions are held together by the tremendous attachments people have in getting these addictions met. Without all these emotional attachments, religions would fail. They are already on shaky ground because none of the current religions or belief systems are built on complete truth, and that ground will continue to shake until all false structures are destroyed. That is Divine Law in action.

You see, the laws of love guarantee the ultimate destruction and correction of all forms of error, whether the error is within a belief system, a human soul, a business, a religious institution, a government, etc. Sometimes errors in personal beliefs are revealed, destroyed, and corrected as a result of unforeseen personal events, like near-death experiences or actual death experiences. Sometimes commonly held false beliefs are confronted by advances made in science or technology, like when radio, computers and cell phones expanded our concepts of energy and wireless communication. And then there is the process we will be discussing in this book, the process of healing the soul with God’s help, where all personal error gets confronted and corrected. Divine Truth requires us to let go of what we thought was true to make room for what is true. We need to get used to our concepts and beliefs being wrong, so they can be corrected.

Each person, young or old, is likely to experience varying levels of resistance depending on which aspect of truth is being considered. For example, you may find it relatively easy to accept the basic facts about the soul and the universe because there may be less error and resistance in your soul about those truths. But when it comes to seeing the truth about yourself and other more tightly-held beliefs, the resistance can put up a really good fight. There are many factors involved in why this is so, and this book will shed light on many of these challenges. As hard as it is to face the truth about ourselves, it is essential that we not only learn to see ourselves clearly, but also accept the truth of our participation in the ills of the world before we can heal anything—ourselves, humanity or our planet. Many of us want to believe that we are innocent of all that is wrong with our world. That is simply not true. We each have far more damage in our soul than we realize, and because of that, we are each contributing deeply to the emotional errors and pain of every person on this planet. The truth of this will become apparent as you learn more about Divine Truth and God’s view of love.

It is high time we awakened to and corrected the plethora of mistakes we have regarding our souls, our existence, our universe and our Creator. We are just infants on the journey of discovering Absolute Truth, and during that education we will still make mistakes, go through some hard knocks, have our perspectives of reality challenged, and be faced with truths that make us very uncomfortable at times. But all that is worth the effort. The more we embrace Divine Truth, the more we will delight in the power, beauty and goodness of what has been created for us.

There is much we can learn and experience about Divine Truth here on Earth, but to give it perspective, it is helpful to remember that our Earth-life is just the beginning, just a prelude to a much greater journey. By spending time now opening to the reality of Divine Truth, we can avoid much suffering and wasted time; discover fascinating truth about ourselves, our universe and our Creator; and one day offer our understanding and love to others who have yet to learn these truths. Each person who embraces this truth will assist greatly the return of love to this planet and all the transformative change and healing that will bring. Imagine the joy of serving others in this way, and all the opportunities we will have to continue learning in the spirit world, and, if we embrace God’s Way, that learning will continue on into the Celestial Heavens, where we will discover the highest possible potential of human existence, a joy I have yet to be able to imagine.

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