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The human experience did not come with a user manual. I wish it had. I wish I had been handed a book like The Truth as soon as I could read. Better yet, I wish the contents of this book were already firmly anchored in the world before I arrived, but, alas, that was not the case…

Over the last year, I have been growing a desire to write a book about Divine Truth. [If you are not familiar with Divine Truth, you might want to take a moment to read my link About God’s Way for a brief description.] Hundreds of videos are available on the Divine Truth Youtube Channel to introduce this extraordinary information along with wonderful transcriptions of the lectures, but no comprehensive introductory books are available that I know of. And some people just simply like books. I am one of those people. I like a book that I can refer back to, mark up, scribble notes in its margins, mark good parts with post-its, and keep extra copies around to hand to people who want to read about what the man and woman claiming to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene are really about.

It is time to stop listening to the critic in my head telling me that I am not ready or progressed enough to write a book about Divine Truth, or that my desire isn’t strong or pure enough. It is time to write and share merely because I want to and I think such a book will be tremendously useful to people. The truth is, I still struggle with the many emotions that have been revealed to me in the last few years. I still cycle through emotions of anger, terror, grief, judgement, shame, loneliness, demand, desire for power and control, addictions to self-attack, hopelessness, etc. But if I keep putting off writing this book until I am ready, have enough Divine Love in my soul, or am pure enough in my desire, then it will never get started. Perhaps, instead, the idea is just to start, and let my creative desire and God’s perfect system of love have its way with me.

The book I am writing is called, The Truth—A beginner’s perspective on what could be the most important information a person will ever learn. 

I have decided to use this blog as a means of offering the book chapter by chapter out to the world, well, at least to the cyber world. When it is completed, I will compile it into an ebook that  can be downloaded for free from this site, and a printed version that I will offer most likely through Lulu, a self-publishing website.

I did, actually, start writing The Truth over a year ago. I have re-written some sections dozens (if not hundreds) of times, and I will likely continue editing and refining for years to come. I am not a fast writer, often have great difficulty organizing and refining my thoughts, and have a tendency to repeat myself. At times I feel inspired in a productive flow, and other times I feel the heavy, thick fog of spirits trying to shut me down. However it comes together, I want to do my best to share what I consider to be the most important information anyone can ever learn. Only as you explore this information personally will you understand why I make that claim. If I was still wandering around confused and horrified by this world, I would want someone to share with me any Truth they may have learned, even if it was incomplete, if it could help me make sense of the madness we experience on this planet. I hope that this book will do that for people. I hope it will inspire readers to explore and experiment with Divine Truth in their own lives. Personal experience is the only way a person will actually know that Divine Truth is true. Do I have enough experience with Divine Truth to really know what I am writing about? In some ways, yes, and perhaps in many ways, no. I certainly have plenty of experience with—and might even be uniquely qualified to discuss—the numerous ways of struggling with, fighting and cursing, avoiding or sneaking around Truth. We would probably agree that only God knows the totality of Divine Truth and that my little glimpse of it is limited, but perhaps, with God’s help, the Truth contained in this book will be illuminated and its readers assisted in their openness to receive it, so more of us can discover the most direct path towards Love, Truth and ultimate joy.

Welcome to:

The Truth

—A beginner’s perspective on what could be the most important information a person will ever learn


The human experience did not come with a user manual. I wish it had. I wish I had been handed a book like The Truth as soon as I could read. Better yet, I wish the contents of this book were already firmly rooted in the world before I arrived, but, alas, that was not the case. Like you, I incarnated into a world sick with misinformation, pain, suffering, disease, lies, manipulation, greed, fear, abuse, malnutrition, starvation, rape, suicide, drugs, environmental destruction, global warming, injustice, hate, racism, violence, murder, and war. Humanity is experiencing crisis in every facet of our existence. We may feel like the victims of malevolent external forces (of which there are many), but in truth, every one of us plays a role in this mess. We have put ourselves in this situation because we are attempting to live our lives in conflict with some very powerful laws of the universe, laws which are built on uncompromising principles of pure love. Not only are we making choices that keep us insensitive to the love-based reality of our entire universe, we also have very limited, varied, and faulty definitions of love that are often in complete opposition to the definition of love that governs us and our universe. If we continue the very destructive course we are on, we will experience increasingly painful consequences individually and collectively. Sadly, many of us have become so used to pain and struggle that we believe that life itself is meant to be this way. It is not. Not only are human beings fully capable of solving every human and environmental problem, but our very being is designed to live a life of supreme love, joy, creativity, and perfect health within a thriving and life-supporting environment. For that reality to manifest, however, we need to make some big changes at the level of our being where our only true power resides: in our soul. And to transform the human soul, we need truth—not just any so-called truth, but the truth about life itself, the truth about humanity, our universe, and our Creator. This truth is known as Absolute Truth, Universal Truth, Divine Truth, or God’s Truth. These labels may sound religious; they may sound like debatable human beliefs or hopeful fantasy, but that is not the case. The truth that we will be exploring in this book is indisputable, verifiable fact, as you will one day discover and experience for yourself. 

I am not saying this book contains a perfect account of the Absolute Truth that governs all things. I still have numerous places of error and damage in my soul, and, as you may have experienced yourself or observed in those around you, damage effects our perceptions. The best I can do is extend, through this book, my best effort to relay the perfect truth that has been taught to me.

This information that I am attempting to document and share is fundamental to humanity’s existence and critical to our well-being, so, why hasn’t it been discovered or revealed before? It has, and once very clearly (and we will talk about that later). But we humans have been so damaged in our souls, content in our addictions, repelled by truth, desensitized to our emotions, and entirely wrong in so many assumptions about our existence, that we have consistently rejected this truth. There are a growing number of people, however—millions, actually—who are very well versed in Divine Truth. They are spirits in the spirit world who know that Divine Truth is the unequivocal truth of the universe because they are engaging it personally and have experienced the extraordinary gifts it offers to all human souls. They know that Divine Truth is the key to a wonderful existence whether a person is on Earth or in the spirit world. And they are eager to help others discover it too.

The supreme reward experienced by all who embrace Divine Truth is the opportunity for a personal relationship with our Creator. Spirits well-developed in love know that choosing to develop a personal relationship this Being I call God is the single most beneficial choice a person can make. We are God’s children, and our Parent desires a personal relationship with every one of us, regardless of religious affiliation or non-religious beliefs, and as our loving Parent, God wants to give us many gifts, but only if we truly desire them. It is through this relationship, God can offer us Her personal Divine Love, a unique substance that is different from the overarching love that runs through all of creation and is the most powerful and transformative substance in the universe. The loving laws of the universe do not require us to pursue Divine Love or a relationship with our Creator because God is adamant about Free Will, but doing so will open an individual to unfathomable opportunities that simply do not exist without that relationship.

If you have a desire to discover for yourself the many treasures of Divine truth—while still on Earth—you could not be on this planet at a better time. Several very loving souls who have vast personal experience with Divine Truth have returned to earth from the highest known dimensions of the Spirit World to help us break the spell of deception we have cast upon ourselves and bring this transformative information to light. I will speak more about these generous and loving people in the next section called “The Messengers,” but let me be clear: I am not one of them. I am just a typical person with a soul burdened by error who, at the same time, has an insatiable desire to experience the extraordinary life that is offered to each of us if we align our lives with our Creator and Her loving laws of the universe. I hope that you, too, will take up the extraordinary opportunity being offered. We really can transform this world—one soul at a time embracing love.


I first learned about Divine Truth in 2009. I had an experience of surprising and expansive joy when I watched a YouTube video called The Secrets of the Universe and realized it could be what I have been searching for—the complete, logical and entirely love-based answers to my long-held questions about life.

I had always wanted to know:

What is life really about? Why am I here?

How do I find true happiness and true love?

 Why do bad things happen to good people?

 What is the real cause of disease?

 Is God real? And if God is real, then why does God let people—especially innocent children—suffer?

 Why does God allow so much evil, war and destruction?

What is the truth about heaven?

The answers I received from the many religions and other belief systems I explored were disappointingly inconsistent, illogical, and sometimes glaringly unloving. In contrast, Divine Truth, answers these questions with perfect love and logic.

But confirming this information as truth has not been an easy road for me. My experience has been a struggle: first, with the pain of exploring truth in a world that despises truth and change, and second, with the pain of resisting truth about myself. Fortunately, I received some confronting and loving feedback about the true state of my soul that helped me to begin the process of honest self-reflection and healing. That truth has been pivotal, and accepting it has challenged every fiber of my being, but now, after numerous confirmations of its validity, I am growing faith in the process of true healing, and I am opening to a relationship with God. I am finally growing towards love, and I know I will never stop this journey. I will continue through eternity to heal and expand my soul towards God and love.

This book, The Truth, is my personal interpretation of what I have learned so far from the messengers of this truth combined with understanding gained through my personal limited experience. Divine Truth, itself, is incomprehensibly vast, considering it applies to truths and dimensions of reality of which we Earthlings have little or no experience, so naturally, my understanding of it is rudimentary. My limited understanding of and experience with Divine Truth is further hampered by numerous remaining emotional errors within my soul that distort my understanding and absorption of truth and hamper my attempts to convey it accurately to others. My hope is that the part of me that desires to serve humanity will be able to outshine my errors and allow you, dear reader, the opportunity to receive this life-changing information. God’s Truth is always present and available, and sometimes all it takes is finding a key that will start lining up the tumblers in the lock so the door of truth and understanding can open. In whatever way Divine Truth comes to you, I pray that it does, so you may discover a life and a universe that will continue to fascinate you throughout your potentially eternal existence.

To give yourself the best chance of understanding and engaging Divine Truth correctly, I recommend that you take the time to explore the far more complete and detailed information found on the website and on the Divine Truth YouTube Channel ( The extraordinary healing and growth in love that will come from correctly engaging this truth is too important to take any shortcuts. The bringers of this truth have generously produced and compiled thousands of hours of videos, audios and written material to assist you in this transformative process, and it is all absolutely free. To make the best use of this extensive library of support, I will provide links throughout the text of this book to resources that I feel will be helpful for more thorough understanding of the topic being discussed.


Just as this information was gifted freely by the messengers to humanity, I will be offering it as a gift as well. I will continue to offer it (while still in progress as well as when it is complete) for free on my website,, and I will not place copy write restrictions upon it. You may use the contents of this book in any way you like, though I hope that you, too, will use it is for loving purposes and offer your works freely.

As with all writers, speakers, bloggers, religious leaders, teachers and parents, all people who find themselves in a position to influence others, I am responsible for and held accountable by the laws of love for what I extend to others. So, I take this act of writing and offering this book very seriously. I would not write this book if I was not confident in the truth itself and in my experiences with it. Truth is steadfast, extraordinarily loving, and it works. So much unnecessary pain can be avoided and so much joy can be discovered by aligning with Divine Truth and God’s Way of healing. I hope you will embrace the invitation to experiment with this truth, heal your soul, grow in love, and become an example to others of the extraordinary Love and Truth that defines our Creator, humanity, and our entire universe.


Are you ready for the truth?

When you sincerely and passionately desire the Truth, it comes.

—one of the infallible laws of the universe.

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