False Belief Unveiled

I want to share an experience I just had with discovering a false belief. As some of you know false beliefs are those beliefs that are out of alignment with God’s Truth—the truth of the universe. These beliefs keep us stuck in wrong thinking, stuck in error, and prevent us from healing our emotional injuries or evolving towards love.

Here is what happened:

I recently had sent an email to a friend who, I believe, became upset with the content of my email. I hadn’t heard a reply from her in quite some time, so I decided to text her and ask if she would like to talk about it. In reaching out to her, I must have stirred up the wrath of some angry spirits, because I had an all-too-familiar night of spirits projecting their anger at me. 

I have resistance to feeling the full impact of others projecting anger at me, and that resistance, I am learning, keeps me from healing the errors within me around this issue and leaves my soul open to harm from projected anger, whether it is from spirits or those of us in physical form. Jesus has described the unhealed issues as holes in our aura (a protective layer around our soul) that allow that particular harm to enter. Once we allow ourselves to work through whatever emotional blocks and errors that allow that harm, once we go through a process of true forgiveness and repentence, the holes close up, and we are no longer harmed by, in this case, the anger of others. We will still know they are angry at us, but it won’t harm us at all, and we certainly won’t project anger or fear back at them (which we generally do while the unhealed emotions within us exist).

Yesterday I sent a second text to this friend to see if she too was going through spirit attack from these spirits—they often want to keep people who are keen on God’s Way at odds with each other. Again, I received no reply, and again I could still feel the angry spirits. 

When I went to bed last night, I knew if I didn’t do something about this, I would have another night of suffering. I asked God and my guides for help. I felt a little emotion about how bad this situation felt, how powerless I felt about the impact and oppression of angry spirits, and somewhere in that must have been a sincere desire for healing, because suddenly, what revealed itself was a belief that I have held onto dearly that was in the way of healing my emotions that allow angry projections to harm me.

I was holding onto the idea that if I let the angry, bullying spirits (currently) or people (in the past) know just how much fear and pain their projections cause me, they would do it even more! This is a common belief on earth: Don’t let them know how much it hurts! If you give them the satisfaction of knowing how much it hurts, they will really let you have it! And then they will have the added ammunition of ridiculing you for being such a wimp. God knows I hate shame too, so feeling their added ridicule for being “weak” would make it almost unbearable. 

Cliff edge

It was like I stood on the edge of a great abyss. The belief had become clear, but I had yet to jump into the great void of fear of increased pain, grief, vulnerability and shame. I knew if I stayed where I was, it would just continue as it always had each time someone was angry with me. 

I jumped. 

And sure enough it all increased, and there came the terrible emotions of feeling shamed for being weak, vulnerable to increased attack, and “way too sensitive.” I sobbed non-stop for quite some time. Then I slept deeply and soundly, and dreamed that I was helping Jesus pack a container. In the dream, I was able to see where the items going into the container were getting stuck and not going in properly, so I was able to adjust them to fit correctly. I was in a happy mood in the dream, without all the self doubt and fear of exposure that I usually feel around him (because he can read our souls like an open book). Our human souls are often described by Jesus as containers for all our emotions, aspirations, desires, beliefs, etc. This was a reassuring dream.

This morning too, I was able to feel more of the emotions stuck under that false belief. I will keep visiting it and see how much I can allow it to dissolve. Meanwhile, the attack has lessened significantly to where I feel calmer than I have in days. 

It is fascinating how what often appears to work here on earth (don’t let them see how much it hurts) is in direct opposition to the truth. As Jesus teaches us, the truth of the human soul is that our only protection, as well as our only true healing, comes by feeling all emotions fully. It is hard to see how letting bullies see us in total terror, vulnerability and shame could possibly reduce their bullying. Everyone knows that it will cause them to increase their attack. How can this be the right thing to do?

We believe that false belief and ask that seemingly logical question because we have no concept of the power of the human soul. It is the very fear of those emotions—our refusal to feel them—that magnetically draws angry people and spirits into our lives. It is our refusal to feel those emotions that causes the holes in our aura that let the attack get to us. It is our refusal to feel those emotions that causes us to manifest bodily pain, diseases, and eventually even death. 

We won’t know the truth about our souls until we experience its transformation personally. Each of us must, at some point, decide to feel. Everything. We will each have to jump off that cliff into the abyss of suppressed emotions. When will we have had enough pain? What will finally motivate us to try the great experiment? I wish there was a pill we could take (and share) that would open us up to how much God loves us, and how much joy we could experience if we simply let ourselves return to being emotional beings. I guess that pill is time—time spent in the care of God’s loving and compassionate laws. Eventually we will all do it, whether it is here on earth or later in the spirit world. Why not now?

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